Blue Moon Cheese

Blue moon. You saw me standin’ alone. Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own…. I’d love for the sun, moon and earth all to be hollow.

The flat earth movement seems to have grown and was boosted during covid1984. The alien subject seems to have come to the fore of late. I’m an old fashioned round earther and suspect there are no aliens. The moon is definitely made of cheese and cup saucers do fly when thrown.

I was sent this video. Destin Wilson Sandlin, born 17 September 1981, is an American engineer and science communicator who produces the video series Smarter Every Day on his YouTube channel of the same name, which was launched in 2007.

I’d never heard of him. He has over 11 million subs.

Following covid1984, when so many were duped as far as I’m concerned, many began exploring possibilities not previously considered. The ‘truth seeker’ movement seems to have grown exponentially. One of the subjects is the moon landings. Did we really go to the moon or was it a charade and façade? Destin would think you foolish for such a thought. The Apollo 11 press conference was certainly a strange event; the astronauts looked less than elated.

I wasn’t there, on the moon, so can’t say for sure. I’ve certainly become sceptical about official narratives and how accurate our history is whether 1969, before or since. I was kneeling on the seat of a classroom chair watching a black and white TV at my primary school in 1969. Those were the days when we knew what males and females were and hermaphrodites had not then been hijacked by cultural Marxism.

Destin’s main point and question to his audience was, ‘Have you read NASA SP-287 and if not, shame on you.’
What Made Apollo A Success?
It’s 86 pages. No, I have not read it.

Some thoughts on the video.
Destin describes himself as a redneck. Apparently, the term comes from the battle of Blair Mountain when brave Americans stood up to the slave-like scrip payment system and fought the federal military forces sent to sort them out.
‘For five days from late August to early September 1921, some 10,000 armed coal miners confronted 3,000 lawmen and strikebreakers (called the Logan Defenders) who were backed by coal mine operators during the miners’ attempt to unionize the southwestern West Virginia coalfields when tensions rose between workers and mine management.’
The coal miners wore red neck scarves to identify themselves, hence ‘rednecks’.

Destin is shown meeting Barak Obama. I neither like nor trust Obomba. He was responsible for imitating war in Libya and Syria and created more divide within America while pretending to be the greater communicator bringing people together. In this video, our YouTuber appears to engage him with respect and reference. Is Destin so naïve or am I the one who misunderstands?

The YouTuber refers to war machinery used in Iraq. These scientists help build killing machines. I realise the necessity for a standing army, but as he talks it’s easy to forget how many were murdered, tortured, maimed and lives turned upside down by the US and UK allied invading forces sent into action on the lie of WoMD. The Destin’s of this world help make the killing possible.

I love the moving chicken head segment; contemplating the engineering of the bird as you move its body, but its head remains in place.

The analogue system vs. the digital system. Digital has its uses, but I have a yearning for analogue.

They made calculations in their head and on paper. Today we have calculating machines.

I wonder if Destin and co. wore face nappies, engaged in PCR tests or are jabbed? I wonder if they support the silliness of anthropogenic climate emergency? I wonder if they ponder Project Paperclip and Wernher von Braun being transferred from the German 3rd Reich. I wonder if they have any views on Israel slaughtering Palestinians? Just wondering.

When it comes to ‘flying saucers’, my favourite is the machine in The Flight of the Navigator:

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