Trump’s Chance & Choice

Trump looks set for 2024. The more they ban, accuse, bar and bash him, the greater his popularity. A cynic might suggest it’s all by design.

I have friends who just can’t stand Trump. We had Boxing Day guests who just can’t stand Trump. I can’t understand how they loathe him so much more than Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush…

Not all Jews support Zionism or Israel. Indeed, part of the diaspora is vehemently against both. Trump could contemplate releasing himself from that ball and chain, so infamously described to those who took notice by Cynthia McKinney.

President Trump did not initiate a new war, unlike his predecessors. He did order the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian major general, 03 January 2020. Soleimani was targeted and killed by a U.S. drone strike near the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq while he was on his way to meet Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi. It seems neocon Zionist John Bolton was a prime influence in that decision. Trump was snubbed by Netanyahu once Biden had been chosen to be the winner of the 2020 election. Yes, I suspect that election was fixed and stolen.

Trump is neither racist nor a white supremacist; or it seems a paedophile and indeed, he seems to have had a bust-up with Jeffrey Epstein. But, he is a Zionist as they all are on both sides of the left-right political divide.
Ryan Dawson has been chronicling these matters for at least 2 decades. If you want to hate Trump, at least blame him for things he is and did rather than things he isn’t and didn’t do.
Trump’s Zionist Ball & Chain

John Mearsheimer speaks candidly about Israel choosing ‘apartheid’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’. In this video clip, at about 11 minutes, former Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon holds a bible and makes it crystal clear, ‘This is a deed to our land’. Zionist Israel expects me, you, all of us to respect a holy book as the truth, the reason and the justification to invade, unsettle the existing population and have them removed elsewhere, because a holy book says so and they insist God is a real estate agent.

I do not expect Trump to distance himself from Israel, but they will distance themselves from Trump if he only gives them 9/10 rather than 10/10.

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11 Responses to “Trump’s Chance & Choice”

  1. Belyi says:

    I can understand why people don’t like Donald Trump. One of the reasons is that he’s always bragging about the US being the greatest country the world has ever known.

    It’s possibly only for internal consumption, but it rings hollow. Perhaps as a European I am more used to the measured tones of President Putin, but I’m sure Trump’s triumphal attitude puts a lot of backs up.

    • NPP says:

      He’s crude, but he did not initiate a new war and reality is we choose between the lesser of evils.
      I find Biden, Blair, Clinton, Obomba, Macron, Trudeau, van der Leyen….. an endless list, far worse.

      I also find people hate Putin. I read his speeches, statements and watch him. He seems relatively normal and sensible compared to our collective West leaders.

      Funnily enough, listening to a favourite, Tim Kelly, talking to Mike King. King is inclined to Trump being on our side and playing the long game.

      Trump’s inaugural press conference was fabulous; I still enjoy how he triggers snowfakes.

      • Tapestry says:

        You might also mention how sensible the Russian ambassadors are at the UN. These are really good people we could easily do business with and end the war. Yet the UK our federal government never does anything but undermine peace-making efforts, ensuring the war progresses far too long and kills far too many people. That’s why I want out of the UK. It’s a dead end literally for millions of people both here and around the world, sold out to world government. England is our country and the English Democrats want peace in the world, unlike the UK and all UK parties. Follow Dmitry Polyanski on Twitter if you want to know what’s really going on at the UN.

        • NPP says:

          Russia’s Sergey Lavrov must be among the greatest diplomats in our life time.

          We need an English movement that does not espouse eco-fascist low-carbon policy, EVs & solar panels.

          • Belyi says:

            Alexander Mercouris has said several times that Lavrov, Jayshankar of India and Peter Szijjarto of Hungary are the world’s top diplomats.

            • NPP says:

              Just imagine if England had diplomats and or political leaders of such stature…. I’m dreaming.

            • Tapestry says:

              I was puzzled as to why Mercouris smiled so much during his interview with Polyanskiy. I guess he’s on a university payroll.

              • NPP says:

                What university?
                Mercouris smiles a lot.
                I enjoyed that interview very much.
                If only we had the calibre of Polyansky in England.

                • Tapestry says:

                  Russians don’t smile when the conversation is serious. He would know that so I was puzzled that he smiled when he did. Great interview. It was some kind of political smile which I couldn’t fathom, as the topic was very far from amusing.

  2. NPP says:

    Oh, I don’t know, Lavrov shows humour despite the on-going serious subject matter.
    As for Medvedev, he’s constantly trolling & jesting & jibing on the most serious of matters.
    I’ve become very Russian-friendly since this whole Ukraine business flared up. I see them clearly on the ‘right side’ of history in this case.
    Mercouris clearly has affection for things Russian.

    It’s a bit like Trump; for all his faults, he can be so amusing as he triggers his detractors.

    • Tapestry says:

      Russians get super angry when there is good cause – maybe the bear moniker suggests that? Medvedev is a good example – he expresses aggression more than humour. Lavrov is playing the game with Western media arrogance, as he has no choice. I feel The Duran is excellent but they keep to the script and don’t stray too far from the safe ground. I suppose Youtube requires that. The Prighozin era showed that Russia could win the war a lot quicker if Moscow had cooperated with The Wagners. The Chechens captured cities so fast it was embarrassing for NATO. The Chechens like the Wagners have disappeared somewhere. Underarmed militia troops have done much of the fighting and it’s clear the war is being managed to last far longer than it needs to. Russia committed a small force and didn’t follow on after initial success, withdrawing from Kiev. The captured NATO generals at Mariupol were handed back in secret, and no reprisals were taken when the UK organised the sinking of the Moskva. (if you believe The Duran). RAF Welford the NATO munitions store near Newbury blew up two days later by chance.