Was attack on US base false flag?

Alexander explains how the fatal attack comes hard on the heels of an article in FT saying US will respond heavily if their soldiers in any base in Middle East are killed.

He doesn’t mention which country was the location of the attack, which is strange.

Main media said Jordan was the location, when the attack was actually in Syria.  (Military Summary Channel – it was Syria near NE Jordan border)

An attack on Jordan would be more shocking as US bases in Syria have been attacked before.

It smacks of media/government collusion to create the necessary shock/red flag to trigger war with Iran.   Is this another what people call ‘false flag’.

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2 Responses to “Was attack on US base false flag?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it was. The “base” is in the middle of nowhere and 100% fully controlled by the Yanks. They can say whatever they want and nobody can ever prove different

    • Tapestry says:

      As US is vacating Syria and Iraq, they could bomb an empty fort. The tell is that the media said it was in Jordan when the fort that was allegedly bombed is in Syria. The story doesn’t hang together and it’s clearly the agenda to pull a false flag stunt to get war with Iran started. Trouble is the lies are so obvious. They’re losing their confidence and sophistication as their chains of command disintegrate. I wonder if even Americans are starting to ntice the lies don’t hang together, or are they still gung-ho against Middle Eastern countries as the Axis Of Evil. They should be looking a lot closer to home for that kind of thing. 9/11 wasn’t done by a couple of guys with box cutters.