Ugly Art By Ugly People

The UK Column’s Ben Rubin honed in on the tapestry at a Davos meeting. Is it the height of sophistication or degenerate drivel? It’s by Grayson Perry; that bloke in a dress.

From my view of clown world continuum, Grayson sits alongside Stephen Fry, Chris Packham, David Attenborough, Brian Cox, both of them, the poster-boy scientist and the €U loving actor, Tracy Emin, the BBC Front Row show, Eddie Lizzard, Blur, Lyse Doucet, Emma Barnett… a long list of right-on, politically correct cultural Marxists. He is and his ugly artwork are Davos.

This was the show and at about 42 minutes in, Ben mentions ‘there is something hanging on the wall…’

BBC darling Grayson Perry insists on dressing in doll’s clothes, as and when he fancies. Each to their own. He walks like a bloke in his dolly dresses and in fairness, does not pretend to be anything other than a bloke in a dolly’s dress.

The Walthamstow Tapestry

‘Brands are stripped of their logos and associated imagery, leaving only ‘the emotional resonance of the brand, rather than a literal advert. The word just gives you a little sugar rush of emotion that is connected to it. The incidents in the tapestry are loaded up with a collage of feelings that are associated with the different products and services, like a great parade of marketing that has been invading our heads.’

Oh, that’s just so deeply philosophical Grayson. He depicts a trail of blood from a woman’s vagina all the way to a devil’s mouth with God knows what else between. Perry is an international millionaire global cultural Marxist artist, epitomising the state of the collective West today.

I saw this somewhere and noted it down for this…
The “brain eating, pangolin-derived, genetically modified coronavirus, which John Campbell warns us “killed 100% of the mice that were infected with it”.
That sentence seems to fit nicely with Perry’s tapestry: fear, fear, ugliness and fear and more fear.

I had no plan to link this with that, but since I’ve referenced Dr. John Campbell, who once recommended the covid1984 jab before he saw the light, let’s include Amazing Polly’s video for good measure. She questions Brett Weinstein too. I question him. He’s one of those who warns us about increasing ‘antisemitism’. Sod off Brett. She says she’s uncomfortable about this video, not wanting to appear like a Witchfinder General, and I sympathise. I had no intention of joining the covid1984 jab club and I’m just a bloke who watches ink and paint dry. I relied upon common sense and gut feeling. Why did so many of the medically trained just follow the orders? I bet Grayson Perry took the jab. Campbell seems to be doing good work now, but he was a covid1984 advocate.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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