German Farmers, Electric Vehicles.

Look for the German farmers story on the BBC. It’s hardly featured. If Just Stop Oil throw orange paint upon a bank window, it’s a BBC story. Marijuanna Spring, where is BBC Verify?

The images of tractors and farming vehicles lining streets in Germany are either fake or real and incredible. Yet, in England, the legacy media is not looking or purposefully ignoring. Why? Because there is no ‘climate emergency’ and thousands of German protestors in ‘green’ Germany is an awkward story for eco-fascists who insist upon a net zero policy.

Farmers in Germany are far right and, therefore, near Nazis and a big no-no. But, the Nazi aligned regime in Kiev is an acceptable yes-yes to fund and support. Indeed, the German farmers’ taxes presumably fund the Zelensky regime. The pathetic, useless, verifiably unfit for purpose BBC have published a story:
Germany’s far right seek revolution in farmers’ protests

Reference links:
BBC Verify
The BBC’s Marianna Spring: ‘The more violent the rhetoric, the more important it is I expose it’
Freedom Train International stands as a symbol of unrestrained expression and movement, uniting a diverse global community under the banners of free speech and boundary-free exploration. Our movement envisions a world where every individual’s voice is heard without fear, where boundaries do not constrain aspirations, and where connections among cultures flourish.
Gentle warning. Jim Ferguson, founder of Freedom Train International, is a ‘Brexiteer’, as am I, but seems to support Zionist Israel, which I do not.

How the leaders of the Great German Farmers’ Protest are committed to neutralising their own movement, and what the farmers must now do if they want anything to change
A report on the 15 January farmers’ demonstration in Berlin

There is endless material out there on the non-climate emergency lie.
e.g. The Insanity Of Carbon Net Zero by Prof. Ian Plimer
5 minutes

Below is private correspondence with someone I’ve known much of my life and who recently purchased an electric pick-up truck because they were offered a deal they ‘couldn’t refuse’ having had so much difficulty in purchasing a petrol vehicle.

This is the only pick-up available and just launched in December so no competition yet and now won’t have any.
Most manufacturers are stopping electric cars including Ford. The government said each manufacturer must sell 22% of production as electric cars in 2024 or face millions in fines. Hence overstocking.
Electric cars 5% market share.
This increases each year until 2035 (it was 2030) until all cars electric or net zero rated (bollocks)
Most car manufacturers realise loss from making electric cars is going to be more than fines so are saying f—k electric.
Car firms will still be forced to sell more electric vehicles every year despite petrol and diesel ban delay
Rental giant Hertz dumps EVs, including Teslas, for gas cars

I just chased my truck as the delivery was due mid-end this month and should get update this week. Apparently they sold 1200 trucks in the 1st week of going on sale and it’s taking time to process them all.
Ford Lost $36,000 For Every Electric Vehicle Sold Last Quarter, So Was Toyota Right?

Here’s a fun stat: Ford lost $36,000 per every electric vehicle it sold in the third quarter of 2023. That number comes via InsideEvs, which notes that:
‘Despite the higher volume, EV losses continued to rise in the third quarter, with the company posting an operating loss of $1.3 billion, up from $1.1 billion in the previous quarter and more than double its loss from Q3 2022.
This means that Ford lost around $36,000 for every electric vehicle it sold in the quarter, surpassing its estimated $32,350 loss per EV in the second quarter. For the entire year, the carmaker expects a full-year loss of $4.5 billion for its EV unit.

Note, fines for not complying with 22% electric motorbikes. Another (London Mayor) Khan tax on much bigger scale. Labour committed to change back to 2030

This year if 22% of new motorbike sales by each manufacturer is not met a 14% fine is levied.

If a company misses the target (22% this year), it will be made to pay the government £15,000 for every car that doesn’t comply. For vans, manufactures will have to pay £9,000 per vehicle next year, before the van payment increases to £18,000 for the rest of the regulation’s timeframe
ZEV mandate: DfT confirms EV sales targets for cars and vans


It’s insane. There is no climate emergency and carbon dioxide does not drive climate change. Sadly, at the moment the likes of Suffolk Chief Executive Nicola Beach and West Suffolk Chief Executive Ian Gallin, both on approx. £200K/year, are bought and paid for little minds just following orders like the little Bolshevik-Nazis they are. At the same time they distribute a sexual education curriculum for primary school children including self-gratification techniques. This is the sad state of England. I suspect, as with Brexit, a quiet majority are as fed up as the German farmers and gently simmering ready to also step up and say, no!

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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