The Western World: RIP

I have come to the depressing conclusion that the white ethnicities that constituted the nations of Western Civilization have degenerated into such insouciance and stupidity that they have no possibility of survival.  They sit mindlessly in front of TV absorbing their brainwashing and indoctrination.  They can’t pay their rent, mortgage or car payments, but they pay endlessly for care of immigrant-invaders who are overwhelming their communities with material needs.

In the US, North Carolina, once a Southern state, now an immigrant staging ground, has given over its high schools to serve as immigrant-invader “resettlement areas.”  To Hell with the North Carolina taxpayers. Immigrant-invaders’ rights preempt those of North Carolina taxpayers, whose majority white population, according to the narrative,  consists of white supremacist racists exploiters.

North Carolina has also, at taxpayers’ expense, built a campus for a “head’s start” program for children of immigrant invaders. The program takes over a former school property for NC American citizens.

Wherever you look, you see the US welcoming at citizens taxpayer expense endless burdens from immigrant-invaders permitted to walk unheeded across the border into the Tower of Babel that the US has become. According to leaks, RINO Republican Senators are preparing an immigration bill that would force America to accept 1.8 million immigrant-invaders each year.  Amazing to watch white people destroy their own country.

No one in America can do anything about it.  Instead of stopping the invasion and over-running of the country, the US government commits endless American resources to defending the aggressively expansive borders of Israel and Ukraine, while Washington dismantles the barrier put in place to defend America’s borders.  And the fool responsible for this policy is running for reelection as president with the media’s and America’s elites’ support.

In what remains of European ethnic countries, the director of the EU’s “border protection agency, Fronrtex,” Hans Leitjens, said that “nothing can stop immigrants.”  What he means is that the EU will not stop immigrant-invaders from bringing the Camp of the Saints to all of Europe and perhaps to Russia as well, considering the weakness demonstrated by a government that could be ruling the world.

The dumbshit Hans Leitjens, obviously a proponent of Western annihilation, says that opposition to being overrun by immigrant-invaders constitutes “xenophobia and prejudice.”

There you have it.  If white ethnicities attempt to prevent their overthrow by invaders, they are xenophobic and racist.

How did so many white ethnicities get converted to a point of view that doesn’t serve them? The English Suffer While Immigrant-invaders Are Housed in Hotels. This is what white people have learned to expect from “their” governments.

Don’t you think it is strange that the world’s white ethnicities are prepared to commit lives and endless resources to protect the borders of Israel and Ukraine, but nothing to protect their own borders?

How can people this totally stupid continue to exist?



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3 Responses to “The Western World: RIP”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    He’s on the money

    It never ceases to amaze me that so many Brit folk are complicit in their own cultural and ethnic annihilation. The power of propaganda in action. Edward Bernays must be dancing in his grave

    The killer question for such unthinking ideologues is:

    So, as an advocate of Open Borders then, what is the maximum amount of ethnic and cultural foreigners that YOU think should be allowed to come to live in the UK? Is it one million, ten million, hundred million, one billion, eight billion? Where would YOU draw the line?

    They can’t and won’t ever answer coherently

    It’s rather like the covid believers, they are impervious to logic, preferring to stay in denial and chant: lah, lah, lah, lah, lah ad infinitum

    • ian says:

      Again I 100% agree Pete. My oldest son came round the other night, There was me, my wife, my youngest lad who’s 34, his partner, and one of the grandkids in. He started on about Russel Brand and a few others about our current situation, I suggested to him, that If they’re getting on TV and youtube, then they’re not on our side and are at best gatekeepers. He said, “do you trust anyone”, to which my wife said, “does he buggery,” They all laughed. Both sons can go to the pub, and fit right in with all the locals. I now struggle to listen to the crap that gets talked.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Thanks Ian, wise advice to your son. Best not trust anything official without direct evidence. Great for you that your family is all close at hand, I wish…..

        My son and second daughter live darn sarf and are unlikely to ever come back to gods own. Anyway I had a convo the other day with my son who is 35. He’s about to become a dad for the first time, happy days!

        But he now lives in Wokeville on Sea, Sussex [ie Brighton] after a decade in London. 300 or so miles away, but least he’s out of the City at last…

        He’s a wonderful human is my lad, kind, considerate, caring and smart. And, like you by the sounds then, I always tell him exactly as I see it, ditto all my immediate family, I never pull my punches with my nearest and dearest, we are all adults

        Anyhow, he was saying that he often struggles with what I tell him. Because he is surrounded by folk who think and act very differently

        [Btw, I don’t just spout, I usually provide links, most of which remain unclicked no doubt. But on this occasion I’d gently lured him into a climate change convo and then hit him with both barrels:-))]

        My response was ” Would you rather know the truth or live in a fantasy? You are under no obligation to actually USE the info that I provide. If I was you I would mainly zip it, observe and use it judiciously to maximum advantage for yourself. No point in winding up the rubes just for the sake of it. He seemed to accept that….