Lord Cabbage Dave Cameron

Is Gaza occupied Dave? Dave’s not sure. If Israel in not breeching international law, we can but conclude international law is an ass and my cabbage looks more like a lettuce.

The UK Column News recognised former British PM Cameron’s Cabbage Patch Doll heritage some years ago when the Column was a hard copy newspaper. The alleged piggy incident is denied, but it is fair to speculate such antics may well have occurred during riotous Bullydon Club dinners. Did you ever play ‘Squeak Piggy Speak’ at parties? It was certainly an English tradition.

Lord Dave the Cabbage is featured at about 4 minutes in…

Mike Robinson referenced Cabbage Patch Cameron c.2010:
‘All this resulted in last week’s agreement, led by the Cabbage Patch himself, to make changes to the Lisbon Treaty which will create a permanent bailout mechanism to “preserve the stability of the euro.”

A cabbage patch doll story:

Lord Cameron is well trained including membership of an exclusive dining club:

His membership with a hog’s mouth is denied:

Lord Cameron is today the Zionist UK Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. He is a proud Zionist.

“I’m a Zionist – I believe in a Jewish homeland”, British prime minister from 2010-2016 David Cameron proudly declared to rousing applause by an audience of 1500 at UIA NSW’s general division gala at Sydney’s ICC on February 24, and to another large turnout in Melbourne two nights later.’

Lord Cabbage Dave bats away awkward questions about Israel defending itself from those pesky Hamas terrorists as, by now apparently, a mere 23,000 Palestinians have suffered as collateral damage. Isn’t it great being British? Just imagine, for example, poor Russia having to tolerate Sergey Lavrov as an international diplomatic representative, while we have Cabbage Dave. Clown world continuum in the collective West. Isn’t it great?!

‘As censorship fades, so too does Zionist power, because they can only ever operate in the dark. Demons like the darkness.’
Ryan Dawson.

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