Just Be Yourself Boris And Lie!

Boris was sent to Kiev to scupper the Russian-Ukraine peace deal agree in Istanbul 2022.

Boris the Spider Bollox Johnson; an amalgam of The Who song by their bass player John ‘The Ox’ Entwistle and an inveterate liar talking absolute guff and bollox. He, like Lord Cabbage Patch Dave Cameron and George ‘on all fours’ Osbourne, was trained among the likes of The Bullydon Club; Bullingdon being more aptly spelt bully-don, because they bully, lie, deceive, without care or consideration for the general public who are mere chattel to be herded and deployed to do their bidding, such as fight on the front line in war. Bollox Johnson is the full eco-fascist, LGBTxyz espousing uniparty globalist party muppet package. Sadly, there are still those who seek his return to No: 10. When will the electorate learn?

GOO : Government Of Occupation… coined by David Scott formerly at
U7 : https://g7u7.org/

The Government Of Occupation gives Boris his instructions whether covid1984 policy or perpetuating a proxy war with Russia. If an attempt is made to hold the like of Bollox Johnson to account, he can merely deny and obfuscate; of course he wasn’t instructed to break the peace agreement in Istanbul and of course he didn’t do any such thing. He did did not ‘get Brexit done’, thought Brexiteers voted him into No: 10. Once there he embarked upon carbon zero just as his eco-fascist father Stanley would wish.

His 2019 speech at the UN made clear the type of creature he is.
He does tell of the truthful intentions of his puppet masters:
‘Digital authoritarianism is not, alas, the stuff of dystopian fantasy but of an emerging reality.’
He loves to reference the classics to remind us what of his sophisticated education:
‘When Prometheus brought fire to mankind
In a tube of fennel, as you may remember, that Zeus punished him by chaining him to a tartarean crag while his liver was pecked out by an eagle
And every time his liver regrew the eagle came back and pecked it again
And this went on for ever – a bit like the experience of Brexit in the UK, if some of our parliamentarians had their way.’
… and emphasise how the challenge to implementing a full and proper Brexit was somehow none of his doing; since he was merely the PM elected with majority mandate.

But, to demonstrate what an eco-fascist Bollox Johnson is, at 21 minutes he states…
‘I hope that COP26 will be a 16th birthday for humanity in which we choose to grow up, to recognise the scale of the challenge we face, to do what posterity demands we must, and I invite you in November to celebrate what I hope will be a coming of age and to blow out the candles of a world on fire.’
Shove your COP where the sun don’t shine Boris. He’s as thick or as nefarious as the rest of them.

Alex Christoforou is persistently an excellent source of geo-political commentary and humour. About 28 minutes he mentions king clown Boris.

Johnson embroiled in war of words over ‘sabotaged’ Ukraine peace deal
Former prime minister dismisses the allegation that he ordered President Zelensky to continue the war as ‘total nonsense and Russian propaganda’

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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