Hidden Signs of the Revolution. Also commentary on Taylor Swift, the Houthis, and the new FAA DEI.

“First published January 15, 2023

In this old paper from 2015, I exhibited some naive hope that Taylor would realize what a bunch of
phoenies she was surrounded by and bow out of her “career”, finding a real life somewhere. As we all
know, that hasn’t happened. From the picture above, we can see she is turning herself into the same
witch as all her cousins, including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and older ones
like Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler.

She has been in the news recently for two reasons: one, she is allegedly dating Chiefs player Travis
Kelce, which just means he is gay and they are bearding eachother. She has become the most notorious
gay beard of all time in her short life, and I am far from the only one claiming it. Her list of past
boyfriends is a who’s who of closeted gays. When they told Kelce they were setting him up with Swift,
he should have said, “No thanks! Too obvious. You might as well set me up with Dylan Mulvaney. I
want people to not think I am gay, remember?”

But today she was in the news for something more substantial: her label Universal is slashing hundreds
of jobs due to poor sales. That article tries to pass it off as something to do with Biden’s economy, but
that is obviously misdirection. I see it rather as proof of the revolution in progress, as well as of the
promoted fraud that is her popularity. Like everything else, it is mostly manufactured.

Yes, Taylor is popular with some segment of teenaged girls, but as I have been saying for years, her
numbers are massaged by huge margins, including her numbers at Youtube and her sales numbers. If
her sales numbers were anything like what we are being told, Universal would be swimming in money.
They should be hiring hand over fist and building new buildings and expanding furiously. But they
aren’t, indicating the whole Swift thing is a mirage.

I believe the Swift thing is a mirage in one way: she isn’t really writing or singing those songs. On
stage, it is all lip-synching, which is apparently no longer frowned upon. The days of Milli Vanilli
getting mobbed for it are in the distant past. And on the albums it is all autotuning, if not worse. The
voice we hear is so machined we can’t tell who is actually singing it, or if anyone is. It could be Siri or
Alexa singing it for all we know. It can’t be Taylor, since she has been caught off a corrected mic and
she is tone deaf. If she had to sing anything live without correction it would be a bloodbath. But that is
true of all these famous people.

I accidentally heard a song of hers on the radio the other day and was appalled by how fake it sounded.
This is basically AI music, folks. Built by machines from the ground up, with Taylor just being the
pretty face fronting it. Same with the songwriting, which is so impersonal, cliché, and robotic, it could
have been written by anyone, or no one. My guess is no one. There isn’t even a committee writing this
crap. It is just spit out by computers toying with recombinations.

Same for TV, Hollywood, “fine” art, poetry, novels, and theoretical science. Human creativity has
flatlined and they are just begging the computers for new product.

But back to the revolution. It isn’t just Universal that is tanking, it is the entire economy, and it isn’t
Biden’s fault. Yes, DEI is bad for business, but that isn’t the fundamental driving force of this collapse.
You are supposed to believe that people aren’t buying because they don’t have any disposable income,
but that isn’t it. They aren’t buying because they are boycotting the entire system, just as I have been
suggesting they do for years. Millions of people are going off the grid for good, and by that I don’t just
mean they are homeschooling or gardening. I mean they are disconnecting in every way they can from
the Phoenician predatory economy of disease, waste, and death, also giving up on hospitals, doctors,
junk food, TV, Hollywood, gigantic cars and trucks, banks, and the entire interconnected system of

In that Taylor Swift article, they admit that all sectors of the economy are quickly shrinking, including
Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the big banks, Disney, and even Amazon. And in other articles over the
past months, we have seen that the States and Feds are also having to downsize, due to shrinking
revenues. Why are revenues down double digits at all levels? Again, they tell you it is due to the
economy, but that is only a part of it. The drops are so precipitous it can only be a sign of a silent tax
revolt. People have had it and are simply refusing to support the regime anymore. Those whose
income taxes aren’t automatically taken and whose wages are difficult to garnish are just disconnecting
from the feeding trough in any way they can. Many are quitting their jobs, hiding assets, and moving
out of the country. Not to mention those who have been killed by the vaccines: they aren’t paying any
taxes now.

That is the real reason the IRS is being expanded. They have to up the levels of fear and coercion, to
try to stop the revolution in its tracks at this most fundamental level. Like everything else it won’t
work, since it will just piss off the citizenry all the more. People are very angry right now, but rather
than look at the very good reasons for that anger, and trying to mitigate it, the Phoenicians are instead
pushing forward with their Mordor plans. As we know, these people have no ability to admit to a
mistake and to immediately reverse course, although that is their only hope. ”


Source: http://mileswmathis.com/houthi.pdf

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