8 Responses to “Gerald Celente, No one is ready for what’s coming in 2024 From Gordon”

  1. ian says:

    He blames the migrant crisis, on the toppling of Gaddafi, and the money crisis on Covid. While you could claim that migrants coming through Libya makes it easier, the flooding of White Countries is a deliberate destructive attack on those countries by the Assholes in power. Covid too, cost Countries millions in assets raised by taxes, it made Millionaires who pay few taxes, out of many who deliberately created the enormous genocidal crime which is/was Covid. These same assholes are on Davos, the WHO, and the WEF. Neither acts are mistakes.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes Ian, both crises, migration and covid were deliberately created. One of the major reasons why they ran the covid “pseudopandemic” and Iain Davis called it,

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Doh. Clicked too soon…..

        One of the major reasons why they ran the covid “pseudopandemic”, as Iain Davis called it, was financial

        The system was under threat in the autumn of 2019, something called the overnight market if I recall. Drastic action was required. So they rolled out the false pandemic, which had been on the books for some time I suspect. They then created several trillion $ out of thin air to save the system. See John Titus at Best Evidence for the detail

        That’s why the US national debt went exponential at that time. No good could possibly come of it, in fact it almost guarantees another crisis, sooner rather than later I expect

        Certainly “neither acts are mistakes”, I’ve no doubt about that

  2. newensign says:

    I wouldn’t say they are idiots Ian, their plan has down the centuries been to destroy us because of their Satanic DNA, originating from the East, they breed with all races and destroy us from within. Although it will be a tough year, I think the enemy is in for some surprises as well!!

    • ian says:

      I never said that n’. I also suspect that rose coloured glasses may provide your optimism, I do hope you’re correct though. I feel that their success comes from their clanishness. They use each other like a family. We never do that. BTW the rose coloured glasses thing is not meant as an insult. In experiments it was found that non depressive people tend to have varying degrees of seeing the bright side even when there is none.

      • newensign says:

        My apologies Ian, I misinterpreted your word “assholes”. They are relying on us being fearful, so we must remain positive for the sake of our own health and sanity!! The beast is being cornered so is becoming more dangerous!

        • ian says:

          No probs N’, I honestly wish I could keep positive. You Pete, and Ned do a great job on here, keep it going Pal.