C’mon Lindsey! Come Out Of The Closet!

It’s 2024 Lindsey, the age of LGBTQxyzabcCIA sexual enlightenment! Men get pregnant and women have penises! For goodness sake, set yourself free and come out of that Zionist neocon closet!

We are enlightened Lindsey! You can be glad to be gay and call for the bombing of Gaza, Yemen and Iran out in the open! Be brave! You can do it!

In today’s world Macron’s new PM can appoint his ex-husband to the position of Foreign Minister. Even Mr. Charles Lynton Blair could be out, free to be himself; or herself or itself, whichever pronoun is appropriate; cottaging is now cool! Poo-jabbing, shirt lifting and pork sausage suffrage are the new black. Muff diving and carpet munching are the acceptable new normal. Just look at these two cuties!

This is your US military hierarchy Lindsey. What’s not to like? I bet Putin is quaking in his fuddy-duddy old binary boots at the prospect of the liberating force of US LGBT sweeping across our uniparty globe. Let’s not forget ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, who even has a liberating ‘butt’ in his name; the former naval officer currently serving as the 19th United States Secretary of Transportation. He and his husband are so out of the closet, they have bought themselves a baby. This image is probably a fake misinterpretation, but perhaps not too far from the truth. Go Pete! Suckle that kid!

It’s so boring all that tired old binary man-woman marriage stuff. Let’s break down the natural family unit, break down national identity, usher in the Couddenhove-Kalergi plan on steroids and liberate the tedious old world with rabid roaring non-binary uniparty globalism. We’re doing our part in the county of Suffolk, England, where Chief Executive councillors such as Nicola Beach and Ian Gallin, for a mere £200K/year, usher in climate emergency policy and sexual gratification for primary school children. Roger Dickerlicker and Cliff Waterman aid them in these endeavours of the brave new world. Yippee! Sexualised children. Binary procreation is so passé. Here’s to a future of designer baby pods and metaverse simulated sex whereby messy exchanges of bodily fluids are a thing of the past. What more could Westminster, Capitol Hill and the €U ask for, apart from bombing the bejesus out of Palestinians? Let’s face it, the last thing we want is Trump 2024, that dinosaur Orangeman with the retrograde binary inclination for attractive adult women. He’s just so last century.

Today Miss. Graham, your Capitol Hill compatriots even shoot home sex movies in judiciary hearing rooms within the Hart Senate Office Building. Aidan Maese-Czeropski, an aide to Democratic Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, was filmed having anal sex with another man. An aide called Aidan being aided. The puns and innuendo just keep coming. A random first search result:
It’s in Business Insider too, or should that be Inside-him? Too crass? Butt, this is the renaissance age of anything goes in these openly glorious perverted sexual times:

Mr. Butch Baguette himself, Emmanuelle Macron has appointed Gabriel Attal to be France’s first openly gay and youngest Prime Minister. Mademoiselle Attal has replaced the boring old female foreign minister Catherine Colonna, with 38 years young Stéphane Séjourné. Attal lived in a civil union with Stéphane Séjourné, but their relationship had ended by 2024… er, that’s this year. So the new WEF French PM has appointed his ex-husband as Foreign Minister. See Lindsey, get with the flow and shake off that old stuffy closet rumour-mill image.

WEF UK PM Ratty Sunake, his/her/its opposite number WEF Zio-Labour leader Sir Kueer Stammerer and leader of the WEF UK Lib-Dems, Sir Ed Davey the Post Office expert, all tell us women have penises. C’mon Miss. Lindsey, you can be an openly gay neocon Zionist war-monger and no one will feel any less about you. After all, the US is run by, as Ryan Dawson puts it, ‘a cabal of Zionist criminal perverts’, so be free to be yourself Lindsey!

Yes, Miss. Graham, the same neocon who deems US investment in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian the best investment America ever made. As Alex Christoforou puts it 11 minutes into his video, ‘… chief high priest neocon Lindsey Graham, he is creaming in his pants about the prospect of going to war with Iran…’
Cream away Lindsey! Raw cream, of course.

The beacon of freedom and democracy, the UK-US coalition, apparently have no option but to attack and defend themselves against Yemen.

Isn’t it great being part of the collective West freedom liberation movement! We must thank the likes of Tom Robinson who expressed his hate for Mary Whitehouse. Hmmm… when this ‘came out’, I thought it was cool and Mary Whitehouse a boring old bag. Today, I’m not so enamoured. Tom went onto to become a regular at the BBC. Who would have thought.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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6 Responses to “C’mon Lindsey! Come Out Of The Closet!”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    The classical 7 stages of any Empire’s rise, and subsequent collapse, are as follows:

    1 The Age of Pioneers
    2 The Age of Conquests
    3 The Age of Commerce
    4 The Age of Affluence
    5 The Age of Intellect
    6 The Age of Decadence
    7 The Age of Decline & Collapse

    So what does all this nonsense that you’ve highlighted above tell us about which stage of collapse that the Rothschild/Brit/US Empire is now in, 6 or 7? Certainly not 1 thro 5

    Whatever, collapse feels inevitable with bozo’s like these running the show

  2. NPP says:

    It’s the Age of Enlightenment Pete! Don’t you feel it? The enlightenment all about us? C’mon, out of your closet, bare your cheeks & be enlightened within!
    Poor Lindsey. He can’t leave his closet.

    Alternatively, send one of those South Carolinan (Carolinan? Is that a word?) alligators into his bloody closet!

    Whatever the age, he’s a piece of neocon crap.

  3. Belyi says:

    It’s fortunate that the majority of the world’s population is not remotely in tune with this nonsense. It will disappear back down into the sewer from which it came.

    I’ll bet the majority who vote for Graham don’t know about his proclivities, so a huge outing is needed as I expect many of us here could add some very interesting snippets!

    • NPP says:

      It’s ironic that today being ‘gay’ is ‘cool’, but for some reason ‘Lady Graham’ remains in the closet.
      My favourite art critic was Brian Sewell; openly ‘out’, but he had no time for LGBTetc.
      Whether Miss. Lindsey is or isn’t, he’s such a neocon war-monger, he deserves the muck to be spread his way. His like result in the death of others.