9 Responses to “Why we need The Teds as Police Commissioners”

  1. John says:

    IMO sergeant 927 should be out of a job today. Until the public start exerting their power en masse we will keep getting weak egotistical people like this who are incapable of carrying out the duties of constable. How low the bar has been set. I would also suggest he gets tested for substance abuse and has a mental health evaluation. It might also be good to do a FOI request and get his disciplinary record and see if he is another ticking time bomb.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Police are public servants? Yes, in theory, but clearly “no” in practice in Birmingham. The arrogance of that sergeant was quite breath taking

    This has to STOP, it is totally unacceptable in a free society. Police like him have lost touch with reality. Somebody needs to change that, so Go Teds! I will vote for you if I had any clue about when, or how, I can vote in my local Police Commissioner election

  3. ian says:

    The job attracts retards like this. There are good police officers, but way more clowns like him, and that lass aiding and abetting.

    • Steve Kettle says:

      Sadly Ian, the good coppers are all leavings we’re left with the dross on view here.
      A good mate of mine is one such example, couldn’t take it anymore and left. Top man the sort you want in the force but sadly now a rarity.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Ditto Steve, my son’s best mate. Sound as a pound, a good, moral, family man. I know his family and I know that they a good people. He left recently too

  4. Steve Kettle says:

    I’ve been watching AB for a while now great content, and if you think this was a one off you’re sadly mistaken.
    His many video’s reveal the utter thuggishness and stupidity of the current crop of supposed police constable’s.
    They think they’re gods all dressed up in their uniform and hate it when anybody doesn’t treat them that way.
    It doesn’t have to be a TED to be a Police Commissioner just someone who knows right from wrong and abuse of power when they see it.
    Well done AB you’re a class act.

    • Tapestry says:

      I agree Steve but Teds are actually standing for election as Police Commissioners. Only Conservative and Labour are otherwise as I understand it. And they intend more of the same.

      • Steve Kettle says:

        i wish them well Tap but I fear Joe Public are too ingrained in the left/right, Cons/Lab codswallop to even think of voting for someone else. Hope l’m wrong but that’s my view of the vast majority of the electorate, not an independent thought in most of their heads.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Agreed Steve but Conservative held areas will be facing the effects of a 70% fall in support. Labour might be facing very low turnout. The campaign is well received and is growing. It’s not possible to predict outcomes. Within the public services there is a strong dislike of positive discrimination policies. That’s all government is now. Only The Teds are offering an alternative approach.