So good they are. Recommend your friends now.

Dear Octopus,
I hope you are doing OK.
We just wanted to write and congratulate you on the most amazing level of energy service over the last ten years, and offer you a gift of £2,000 to share out with your staff.
They have been so friendly and helpful.  They deserve it.
The £2,000 was sitting in our account this morning, all ready to send to you, but someone seems to have removed it inadvertently this evening.
Please can you talk to your accounts team and resend the money back to us, so we can gift it to you as we have promised to do.
Really it’s been like a dream dealing with you, all these years.  We never imagined money could just be made to disappear like this, as if by magic!!!  The talents you display are amazing, just like all your super dooper cartoons.  You can even conjure away thousands of pounds at the stroke of a keyboard.  Wait until I tell my friends.  They will all want to move their accounts over to you of course…..
Your good friends,
Henry & Shane