Putin 4 Hours. BBC 0 Seconds.

Last I saw him, my best friend of 50 years said ‘Anyone’s better than Putin’. Really? Who? Biden? Scholz? Emmanuelle Macron? Sunake? Ursula van der Krazy? ‘elensky? Navalny the Nazi? Trudeau? Who?

I don’t blame Putin. I’ve heard Rosenberg’s bias and slanted take on many occasion on the BBC radio. He’s not a journalist. He’s a propagandist. He views Putin as a dictator who must be removed. That’s it. On BBC Radio 4 I’ve heard it go from Rosenberg to Nick Robinson in the studio, back out to Jeremy Bowen. There could even be a quick in between economic take from Martin Lewis. I hesitate to wonder why ‘Palestinians’ are so heavily represented on the BBC for risk of being labeled anti-Palestinianic. My tongue is in my cheek, should you need telling.

Poor Steve reports on the BBC website:
‘The four-hour marathon is carefully choreographed. I may have been invited, but the president won’t take any of my questions….’
Ahh. Diddums.
I was half expecting Rosenberg to conclude, ‘he refuses to take my question because, presumably, Putin’s an antisemolinaic’. Rosenberg will accuse the Russian people of being manipulated by Putin. The BBC have tried to push and promote war, conflict and regime change from Iraq to Libya to Syria to Russia. The BBC have contributed in the sacrifice of Ukraine to gain regime change in Russia. Russia has remained steadfast and even thriving. In reaction to the Spectator articles below, Alex Christoforou complied a list of how the ‘collective West’ has tried to manipulate their own people with false narratives and stories:

The Duran make comment 8 mins. in…
Putin took a first question from a Chinese journalists, not an American. He declined to take a question from Steve Rosenberg at all.

This is Putin’s marathon conference via Vandex:
Same video via YouTube, hence it visually pops up here:

Russian Federation, Thursday 14 December. The annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. This year the event was combined with the annual ‘Direct Line’ for Russians, during which the president answers questions from journalists and citizens from around the country. It’s only 4 hours!
The final question.

Dmitry Peskov: Friends, one final question, because we have already exceeded four hours.
Please, Andrei Kolesnikov, you will conclude this part of the news conference.

Andrei Kolesnikov: Good afternoon.
Kommersant newspaper.
Mr President, you said that the world will never be the same again. What would you say to Vladimir Putin from 2000 if you had the chance? What advice would you give? What would you warn him against? Do you have any regrets?

Vladimir Putin: What would I say? I would say: you are on the right track, comrades.
What would I warn him against? Against naivety and excessive trust in our so-called partners.
As for tips and advice, I would say this: We must have faith in the great Russian people and nation. This faith provides a pathway to reviving, shaping and developing Russia.
Thank you.
Please do not get angry with me if I haven’t answered all of your questions. Indeed, one needs to know where to stop.
Thank you, and all the best!

That was 4 hours. No notes. No teleprompter. Relaxed. Confident. Clear. Biden would struggle through 4 minutes. As for the BBC and Steve Rosenberg, we see through you and Putin scarcely bothers to even see you at all.

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7 Responses to “Putin 4 Hours. BBC 0 Seconds.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Who is there in the west that could handle 4 hours like this? Sleepy Joe? Sushi Ballsack? Keir Speak-your-weightmachine? Nancy-boy Macron? Not a chance

    So who? Maybe Victor Orban? Anyone else?

    Putin is a class apart. In future Russian history he will be ranked alongside Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. Not much doubt about that in my mind. Russia recovered from it’s rape by the Western financiers in the 1990’s. Such recovery starting approx 1999 under Czar Putin, and continuing right through to the present day. Male life expectancy was 58 at the low point, up to 71 now and still rising [despite all that vodka]

    Is he kosher though? I don’t mean is he Jewish, I mean, is he what he seems? Or is he one side of the usual false dialectic? There is something fishy. Particularly with his chumminess with the Chabad Lubavich



    He’s certainly a Russian patriot but somehow he seems like a globalist [cross, garlic, silver bullet, wooden stake] at the same time…

    • NPP says:

      Putin has Russia’s best interests at heart.
      Adam Green has been fixated on the Chabad Lubavitch subject. I suspect Putin simply keeps good relations with as many as he can. We can never know what goes on behind closed doors or in another’s head, but I struggle to name anyone better just now. I’d certainly take him over our UK bunch.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Maybe Xi of China? Read this about how China pick their leaders:

        It is very revealing, their leaders are literally the creme de la creme de la creme of all China. Absolutely amazing!

        Democracy? Such a ridiculous a concept in the modern world. No qualifications required whatsoever

        • ian says:

          Really Pete, what do you recommend? We don’t need Social credit systems.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            I recommend a Republic with citizen legislators drawn by lots. Political parties banned by law, only citizens can serve. They can only serve a maximum of 2 years each before they are replaced by another ballot. No professional politicians and no political parties

            But with a professional civil service that is chosen on merit alone and is very highly rewarded to attract the very best brains. But is held very strictly accountable by the legislators. Bad advice equals immediate loss of job. Poor performance equals loss of job…

            With a judiciary that is reformed from the ground up. Ban Masons and all secret societies. Abolish the Privy Council. Make the Monarch a symbolic Head of State only, no personal wealth accumulation allowed. Etc etc etc

            Or something like that Ian, you can fill in the details 😃

            The current “democracy” is corrupt to it’s core. It needs to be scrapped and replaced with something fairer

            • ian says:

              Sounds great to me Pete. I was just concerned by the Chinese or rather the info we are given on the Chinese system. It would need to be world wide too. Trouble is though, when humans started to get organised, those who got to the top by their connections, didn’t want some ordinary little guys happily farming some prime spot, so as always, they killed them and took it, as they still do with any useful resource worldwide. I do like your system though Pete.

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                Totally agree about Chinese social media and their social credit system too Ian

                If you read that link above then you will see just how serious the Chinese are about leadership in their commie capitalist system. Xi is the best of the best of the best. It is an incredible system, a true meritocracy. And it has taken many millions of people out of poverty….

                I’m seriously attracted by Anarchism too. Not in the chaos sense, but in the “governments job is to look after us all, implement Natural Law, and otherwise stay the F out of our lives” sense…..

                But, as you imply, smart folk always rise up to the top in any system. And sad to say that humans are always corruptible too it seems….