Is she? I didn’t Realise!

When you first saw Meghan Markle, did you think, she’s ‘dark toned’. I didn’t. Compare her to Dr. Shiva. He’s the real deal. She could be green for all I care; though green would cause me to stare.

Prince Harry’s just won some money. £140,600 apparently. That’ll help pay for a security guard or two I guess. After losing his mum in such a way, we might have hoped he’d be more settled and secure by now. His wife; oh Harry.

It rather irritates me that I’m categorised as ‘white’. What else could I be? Pale yellow? Buff titanium? Pale terracotta? Flesh tint?
Meghan Markle is a woman of colour and don’t we know it, though, I didn’t notice at first. I simply did not see her and think black or coffee or coloured or think much about her at all. I’d never heard of her, but then I rarely watch films or TV. She was an actress, apparently; or should I state actor now a days? She’s not exactly the darkest toned human being, but boy, it certainly seems to be an issue. A silly sketch came to mind.

The messaging is endless about skin tone, colour and creed. It seems a perpetual effort to divide and conquer as cultural Marxism rocks on and infests our lives, our community and breaks down what some deem tired old national identities so the uniparty can merge us all into larger unions of diverse multicultural global regionality. It’s stupid and boring and we are reminded constantly, persistently and relentlessly. TV ads, magazine covers, historical figures such as Anne Boleyn, black, brown, darker tones, mixed race couples and multi-millionaire footballers all reminding us how racism is always there, bubbling under the surface ready to jump out at us at anytime. The new Dr. Who is apparently not only ‘black’, but gay too! Yippee! Zzzzz… I haven’t watched Dr. Who for years, perhaps decades. I loved it as a kid.

I once heard England footballer Raheem Sterling complaining about a banana skin being thrown onto the grass. I once heard Vanessa Beeley on Patrick Henningsen’s 21st Century Wire radio show describe how ISIS members in Syria had cut open a pregnant woman, removed the baby, cut off its head and kick it around like a football.

At 1 hour 15 minutes listen to Larry Johnson describe the ads at the Army vs. Navy annual football game. The advertising encouraging young Americans to enlist had ‘completely erased all of the woke nonsense… all of these white guys, not a single racial minority… because they have so alienated what was the military’s base… southern white guys… who say hey, we’re not going to go fight your wars for you anymore…’

TV shows such as Roots drummed home to me from an early age that ‘we’ ‘whites’ were the slave traders of the world. The fictional character Kunta Kinte in the 1976 novel Roots, The Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley, was a big TV hit. What I didn’t hear was that slavery had been a global trade in human beings implemented and operated by ‘non-whites’ too. For example,
White Slavery In The Barbary States
By Charles Sumner 1853

The holocaust was a similar ‘education’. The TV served that up for our living rooms too. I suppose it should be spelt with an H, but why is a particular mass murder event more important than others? For example, where are the genocide remembrance museums to North American Indians? Will there be memorials to Palestinians? Our ‘differences’ are certainly exploited to the full and guilt strings are pulled upon frequently, seemingly to the point of in perpetuity.

Talking of Indians, racism and class divide, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who definitely looks a darker tone than Meghan Markle and was born into a lower caste system of untouchables. I’ve never heard Dr. Shiva bemoan victimisation due to skin tone. He’s running for US President:

Every now and then I’ll hear on the BBC radio or read an article about the on going racism toward Meghan Markle. As Andrew’s brother Tristan Tate states, he’s ‘half black’ and when his child was due they cheerfully pondered the colour of the baby to be. It’s not racism, it’s normal curiosity. Meghan reminds us frequently and often how non-white she is and how prone she is to victimisation. I still don’t look at her as being particularly dark toned, but Vogue enjoy the debate and why not let her be ‘the new black’ if that’s what she wants. Is Harry the new ginger? Now now, easy, mind your tone!

The legacy media message is relentless, reminding me of how white and privileged I am. Black black black black, minorities, LGBT, black, diversity, black black, persons of colour, not coloured persons, which ever, black black, bah bah black sheep and pregnant persons. Offended yet?

When Meghan announced her skin tone category, I didn’t know, I hadn’t noticed, I didn’t care, I don’t care and I’m fed up with the persistent commentary about skin tone, creed, colour, minority, diversity, gender and identity politics. I’m bloody glad she’s married to ginger Harry and not me. Is ‘ginger’ a racist term yet? Give it time. What if you’re red colour blind? Never mind.

I happened to come across this ‘X’ post featuring Andrew Breitbart. It seems apt:

Articles of reference:
The Problem With Calling Meghan Markle the “First Black Princess”
Meghan Markle Biracial Identity Politics Personal Essay

I remember Stephen Nolan, the humungously fat Northern Irish BBC 5 Live presenter who pushed the covid1984 narrative, cutting off a caller to his show because the member of the public mixed up ‘persons of colour’ with ‘coloured persons’ and one way round is wrong and racist while the other way is officially acceptable. The poor chap, who did not seem in the least bit ‘racist’, became confused live on air as to which way round the words were supposed to be. I can’t remember the correct and acceptable term and still don’t know, even less care.

I went to see Benjamin Zephaniah c.1995-ish in Oxford with a friend who had been working with an independent film and TV company which had worked with Zephaniah. He was OK. I’m not sure it was entirely my cuppa tea, but it was a evening out of London and something to do. Zephaniah’s sadly passed away at 65. I heard he contracted a brain tumour only 8 weeks before his death. I wondered if he was jabbed. He looked a healthy enough chap. I’ve read he had an interest in Kung Fu. Did he? A brain tumour in 8 weeks seems unusual to say the least. I heard a tribute to him on BBC Radio 4, referencing his honorary professorship and he himself describing how students would come to his office to see what a black professor looked like. It’s relentless; the focus on gender and identity politics.

I’ve mentioned before, listening to Baroness, no less, Floella Benjamin describe on BBC radio how on arriving on a boat to the UK, people stared at her. She inferred this was racism. I suggest it might have been curiosity about some one looking different, but no, it must be described as racism.

There’s Dame Sharon White. John Lewis used to be a flagship British retail shopping brand where good quality and service were a requisite standard. Today John Lewis is another brand gone ‘woke’ with LGBT rainbows seemingly everywhere and focus on gender and identity politics rather than quality and service. Did Dame Sharon get the gig because she’s a black woman? Am I even supposed to refer to her as a woman? Perhaps Dame Sharon has a specific pronoun. Perhaps a penis even? No, she can’t have and she’s definitely a she, isn’t she? Am I already risking racist pronounphobic accusation by simply asking? Spellcheck doesn’t like pronounphobic. Have I just invented a word?

I believe she’s standing down. I understand business has not gone altogether swimmingly under her charge. There is some good news:
John Lewis has stopped offering insurance to electric car drivers amid fears over the cost of repairs. The department store has put a temporary pause on customers taking out cover or renewing existing policies on battery-power vehicles while its underwriter analyses risks and costs.
John Lewis stops insuring electric cars over repair cost fears

Yeah! Bloody electric cars, bloody non-existent climate emergency codswallop and bloody cultural Marxist gender and identity. Enough! Stop it! No more! Please.

There has long been Thomas Sowell. But, despite being ‘black’, he never seems to attract the same attention as a Prof. Zephaniah or Baroness Floella or Dame Sharon or Meghan Markle.
Thomas Sowell authors books such as:
‘This explosive new book challenges many of the long-prevailing assumptions about blacks, about Jews, about Germans, about slavery, and about education. Plainly written, powerfully reasoned and backed with a startling array of documented facts, Black Rednecks and White Liberals takes on not only the trendy intellectuals of our times but also such historic interpreters of American life as Alexis de Tocqueville and Frederick Law Olmsted.’
Thomas Sowell on Barak Obama:

I’m white apparently. I never thought of myself as white, but it’s been drummed into me for decades now. Not only am I white, I may be subconsciously racist if not consciously and could be guilty of white supremacy and, of course, historical slavery; though I’ve never owned a slave myself, I may be liable for ancestors who did. So, let’s Kick It Out! All that racism within football and take a knee to BLM because we really must encourage more multi-millionaire ‘black’ footballers into the premiership, mustn’t we?!

This is an interesting comment about skin tone difference as I return to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, 1 hour 14 minutes in…
“I as a dark skinned Indian, I need 7-15 times more sun than a white person does…”

Dr. Shiva is discussing the New Zealand whistleblower and the covid1984 data he’s released. I digress and offer another view by Dr. Sam Bailey who’s ‘white’ and ginger; well, perhaps strawberry blonde:
I reference the allegedly female equine Dame Jacinda Ardern in my illustration above, so New Zealand is apt. Here’s another of the pantomime dame I made earlier, with sausage fingers…

I swear, it’s the ones obsessed with race and accusing others of racism who are more likely those harbouring prejudice. I don’t much care if some one is prejudice, so long as they do not break the law; do not impose themselves upon another’s sovereign being. But, clown world continuum just keeps on keepin’ on.

I’ll sign off with So What. I never ever tire of the album Kind Of Blue. The CD is permanently in my car. Yes, CD. It’s a circular shiny thing. I guess Miles was black. He was certainly better dressed than many are today.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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