Councillor Dickerlicker Rules His Roost

‘… you were doing so well…’, Councillor Dickerlicker told the minion before him. The public are such irritating beings, but Councillor Dickerlicker has to give them speaking time occasionally.

Forgive the grotesque nature of this post, but it reflects the policy of councils throughout the UK.

West Suffolk Council fly a Ukrainian flag outside their SS HQ and obviously stand with Israel in line with WEF UK PM Ratty Sunake, Sir Gruppenführer Kueer Stammmerer and their Westminster Bolshevik Reich. Mr. Charles, a member of the irritating minions, had the audacity to speak out of turn. He uttered the phontics ‘Agenda2030’. Councillor Dickerlicker quickly ordered him back into line.

West Suffolk Council’s priorities are Agenda2030, implementing the climate emergency policy of net zero and ensuring a sexual gratification curriculum is in every primary school throughout the county.

Councillor Dickerlicker has been tutored by Chief Executive Ian Gallin and he in turn has been whipped into line by Suffolk County Council Chief Executive Nicola Beach. They love their £200K salaries, removing your oil heating systems and ensuring your little children learn the techniques of sexual gratification.

This was a previous public meeting:
West Suffolk Full Council Meeting walk out

An online petition to challenge sexualisation of children in next door Norfolk was sent to me:

‘Norfolk’s RSE programme teaches 7-year-old children that they are only born “like a boy”, or “like a girl”, and that they need to choose their gender from options including “boy, girl, and not sure”. 8-year-olds are taught that we live in a “heteronormative” world, but they can be “Pangender”, “Transgender”, and “Cisgender”, amongst others. The term “heterosexual” is not included as an option for sexual preference, giving children, in consequence, the impression that such minority sexual identities are the norm. The resource also uses sexual and age-inappropriate images for teaching young children.’

Welcome to the United Kingdom of economic illiteracy and moral degeneracy.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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One Response to “Councillor Dickerlicker Rules His Roost”

  1. newensign says:

    Its good to see NPP, at least some councils are being challenged, for what they are – local branches of central government imposing unwanted agendas that the locals never asked for – time to kick them all out!