The Green Prof. Sachs

He’s so esteemed, so revered. The Duran love him. He’s a privilege to host. He’s so sustainable. But, ultimately, he sounds like an eco-fascist. Is he? Or am I over reacting?

He espouses peaceful relations. He talks such a good talk. The trouble is, is he pushing codswallop about climate change? Zero carbon policy is not sustainable; indeed, may not be peaceful as it risks food supply shortages, lack of sufficient energy, cold, hunger and death. What am I misunderstanding with regard the fabulous, the amazing, the illustrious Prof. Sachs?

To go ‘green’ or not to go ‘green’ Prof. Sachs. Which is it?
Go to 48 mins for the lead up to…
The Saudis ‘want to shift out of hydro-carbons…’
1 hour 32 mins…
‘… and Germany, sad to say, has er, … nobody has done more damage in peacetime to the economy than the Greens and Schulz letting them do it..’

So, we must go green, but in a careful, sustainable manner? This niccompoop believes in the net zero carbon crisis codswallop.
From here:
I quote:
‘One of the big questions he pointed out is how the world can most effectively adapt to climate change. “There’s a lot of warming ahead already cooked into the Earth’s systems,” he warns. Adapting to these realities requires science and technology solutions to diversify our energy mix within the Kingdom, the region and the world to reach net-zero target milestones by mid-century.
It’s clear that the path lies in renewables or zero-carbon energy sources relative to the continued use of hydrocarbons combined with carbon capture and storage. KAUST researchers have been at work to answer the scientific and geological challenges for the Kingdom to capture and store CO2 at a massive scale in the region. The KAUST Circular Carbon Initiative mobilizes the University’s research and innovation strengths to develop and deploy novel technological solutions to support the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) Platform.’

Is this ‘professor’ one of the great minds of our generation or is he spouting balderdash? Is he proposing we reinvent the wheel?

Prof. William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University (where Einstein and Oppenheimer worked), argues that ignorance and political manipulation play a key role in the global campaign on global warming:
“Alarms about climate change are delusions. Climate change is real, but it is natural. The alarms have no scientific basis. The fears that are woven around are comparable to the fear that was induced in the time of witches in the Middle Ages.”

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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