Trade Not War

Should England leave the United Kingdom? Who are the British? Who are the English? While BRICS engage trade, the British and collective West seem hell bent on endless war.

I do not offer absolute answers, but do enjoy day dreaming. The world seems to be divided between the uniparty rules based global order and the emerging and growing multipolar world. The sanctions imposed upon Russia appear to have back fired as Putin has nurtured trade relations outside the limitations of the collective West. It’s sorely tempting to consider leaving the neocon dominated war mongering collective West and join the environment of trade and constructive relations. I guess it’s unrealistic, but it’s fun to contemplate.

We have a ZOG and ZOM problem throughout the collective West:
Zionist Occupied Government
Zionist Occupied Media
Zionists appear to be a common thread infesting collective West policy. The Israelis were authoritarian upon their population in coercing their own to submit to the covid1984 jab. Now they bomb indiscriminately Palestinians seemingly to remove Palestine completely while pleading their right to self-defense. These critters frequently project their own misgivings upon their intended target.

This discussion between Ryan Dawson, a long time supporter of Palestine and critic of Zionist Israel and Dr. Shiva was akin to a breath of fresh air to my ears. Shiva does not hold back and the language is fruity as he refers to ‘Booby’ Kennedy and plainly states, ‘They all suck Zionist cock; you don’t have to be Jewish to be Zionist..’
Dr. Shiva On The Presidential Election

This follows Dr. Shiva’s Xeet;
“Every Presidential candidate except me sucks ZIONIST COCK. That may not sound very ‘Presidential,’ but it’s VERY Presidential because I represent the American WORKER who does NOT want us to be ‘cockZuckers’ of ZIONISM”

Wow. The likes of Benocide Shapiro, Jordan Peterstein and Nigel Farage will get their Zionist knickers in a twist and yell ‘antisemolinism’ as soon as they hear of this. I have a feeling Dr. Shiva really doesn’t care what The Lobby thinks. I do sense the accusation of antisemolinaism is losing its grip as a method of reining in critics. The Israelis are bombing Palestine into oblivion and the collective West appear little concerned.

An independent England is proposed by TED, and Graham Moore who goes by the moniker Daddy Dragon.

Is there a British constitution? UK Column News’ Alex Thomson talks to Graham Moore…

That conversation seems to have been driven by UK Column’s series:
A Dissident’s Guide to the Constitution

I again reference:
How the British Invented Communism (And Blamed It on the Jews)
It’s merely food for thought. Was Lord Balfour of the Balfour Declaration really vehemently ant-Semitic? If so, what were the motivations in creating the State of Israel?

Do not lose hope. The neocons do over play their hand. While they targeted Russia, Russia and the majority of the world outside the collective West continued to attend to trade and business.
’BRICS is an informal group of states comprising the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa.
It was the Russian side that initiated the creation of BRICS.’

For Saudi Arabia and Iran to make alignment is extraordinary, yet, of course, little discussed on the BBC.

So, what if TED left the UK and collaborated with BRICS?

Chins up! Onward and up.

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7 Responses to “Trade Not War”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Love the drawings, and the sentiments. We only have one anti-war political party. Teds are us. Reform offers no change from the system.

    • NPP says:

      If you haven’t, listen to Dr. Shiva. Rarely does a US political candidate speak so openly.

      I see no immediate future for the UK. TED is a lovely idea, but little chance of power. I have suggested Alex Thomson talk to Robin. Daddy Dragon references Robin at the very end.

      Reform are useless. Ginger Lice & Dr. Bum Bandit.

      England’s finished, unless something huge and beautifully unexpected occurs. I live in hope.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        The best laid plans….. Ian should be able to wax lyrical on that one 🙂 But they certainly don’t always work out as planned. England isn’t finished yet because…….

        It’s not over until the fat lady sings. There is no shortage of fat ladies, but can any of them sing?

        Time will tell but I remain the eternal optimist. Human ingenuity is a wonderful thing and these soulless gargoyles are not in as full a control as they like to think. One spark and they could be toast.

        We don’t need “leaders”. It’s leaders that got us into this mess. We need mass consciousness and human ingenuity, both eminently possible

        • NPP says:

          ‘One spark and they could be toast.’

        • ian says:

          Aye Pete, one of Robbie’s best, though, I often suspect that some of the sayings which are famous due to poetry, were in use before the poem. I in all honesty, cant see the Dems getting or being allowed to get, anywhere, and may even be a deliberate safety valve for dissatisfied thinkers. By that, I mean, the vast majority if ordered to do something, will do so. We won’t, and the thinkers might try to stay with the system, but form a new party.

          I feel, that the WHO bollocks is a done deal. They can then do compulsory vaccinations. Failure to have an up to date Vaccine cerificate will likely really restrict you. They could at the advent of CBDC, another given, prevent you from buying petrol, shop in supermarkets, get NHS prescriptions. You’re money may only spend within 5 miles of home etc. Dissent won’t be tolerated. Due to my association with shooting, I keep astride of new developments, and thermal imaging is amazing now. Cheap drones and thermal mean easy surveillance day or night.

          I hope it drags on, at least till I’m beyond caring, but given the treatment being dished out to the Palestinians, people causing problems will be trampled into the dirt.

          One spark and they could be toast would do me fine.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            The WHO deal is probably done I agree Ian. But best laid plans and all…. I think that they messed up the vaccine story a bit with their covid totalitarianism. Seems that lots of folk are hesitating now, good……

            Yes, they want vaxx passports, CBDC’s, 15 minute cities etc; they very are clear about that. But what they want and what they get are 2 different things…

            We are better prepared for that too after covid, we know the real situation. and where we stand There is no need to fear their “regulations” and “mandates”, they are pure bluff. So we stand under Natural Law, and legally they can’t touch us

            I hope that it drags on too, and I think that it probably will. I expect that they won’t hit their desired timing. So we both may see the outcome before we shuffle off, hope so. They seem to miss their targets all the time now don’t they

            Let’s hope they don’t go even more mad than they’ve gone so far, they are bat shit crazy, aren’t they. I think there are saner elite elements involved, and I hope that they prevail obviously

            • ian says:

              All good aiming points Pete. I’m glad you’re here. Take care Pal.