The Semantics Of Semitics

Zionist Israel is bombing the bejesus out of Palestinians and the BBC and UK government are raising concerns over increased antisemolinaism and hate crime.

I use ‘antisemolinaism’ because, quite obviously, I’m a rude, prejudice, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, far-right white supremacist climate change denying anti-vax extremist Gooner who likes to avoid pouring energy into phrases that perpetuate codswallop when I can instead equate political ideology to coarsely milled durum wheat mainly used in making couscous, pasta and sweet puddings.
I over heard some one reading a newspaper article about these concerns of hate and sarcastically comment, ‘I wonder why?’
If Israel is bombing and destroying Palestinian neighbourhoods day in day out, apparently numbering well over 10,000 dead now, what should we expect? An out pouring of love and compassion for Israel?

No doubt Hope Not Hate and the ADL are hard at work collecting evidence of hate and defamation as I type; so they can give reason for further accusation of hate and defame any detractors questioning their cause.

‘From the river to the sea, let Palestine be free.’
Apparently this is now the slogan of hate marches. However, bombing civilians, justified because Hamas are allegedly hiding behind civilian human shields, is perfectly acceptable. It seems very clear to me that Zionist Israel wants rid of Palestinians and Palestine altogether, but I hear little condemnation of such Zionist aspirations.

Anti-semitism, anti-Semitism or antisemitism? Which and what is it? Apparently, Wilhelm Marr invented ‘antisemitism’ in 1870. The date may be slightly different depending on if you ask Dr. E. Michael Jones or the ADL.
’The term “antisemitism” was coined in 1879 by Wilhelm Marr, a German political agitator in his work, Victory of Judaism over Germanism. His thesis was that Jews were conspiring to run the state and should be excluded from citizenship. Antisemitism, in Marr’s conception, was linked to the Jews as a people, rather than to Judaism as religion.’

I saw a ‘Xeet’.
’Baffled why people only focus on the Holocaust & Jews when the Nazi experiments & breeding camps were brutalizing non Jews as well. Why has Hollywood never done big budget movies on #Nazi experiments & involuntary Euthenasia programs conducted against considered weak Germans?’

Little reported by the BBC, Orthodox Jews are protesting Zionist Israel. Are they antisemitic too?

This is Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute; in my view a rational and moderate man not prone to exaggeration or lying.
’They lied. About nearly EVERYTHING regarding Oct. 7th. Used to justify pre-planned ethnic cleansing. They thought they would get away with it. Again. But the world has other ideas… Let’s see what happens.’

‘ZERO BABIES WERE KILLED BY HAMAS – THE EVIDENCE The IDF and Israel falsely claimed that Hamas beheaded 40 babies. Subsequently, the narrative shifted to 40 babies being killed. Then the claims was some babies were beheaded and baked. According to Haaretz, only 1 baby is reported to have died. However, it seems clear that this baby was killed by Israeli forces.’

Scott Ritter opines that 80% of civilians were killed by the IDF 07 October. Scott was the weapons inspector who called out the Tony Bliar lies on WoMD. Which one would you trust?

If Israel continue on their campaign of destruction, do not be surprised to see more of this…

It’s not rocket science. Those who conduct themselves in hateful ways are likely to attract hate. ‘Ceasefire’ is apparently a taboo word whether Kueer Stammerer and the UK Labour Party or US congress and senators who all sign ‘I support Israel’ pledges on entering office according to Cynthia McKinney.

Still, fear not. WEF UK PM Ratty Sunake has brought Zionist Lord David cabbage patch doll face Cameron back into the cabinet while Benjamin Nuttyyahoo is apparently considering Tony Bliar as a peace envoy. What could possibly go wrong?!

Semolina anyone? Here’s one I made earlier c.2018 featuring those loved-up peaceniks Margaret Hedgehog and Ohno Bono. I can’t remember why there’s a Swedish flag too. It makes little difference.

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