Bring The Noise

It’s a ghastly image of a ghastly creature and a ghastly situation. They don’t care. They may pretend to, but they don’t. MPs? They care more about Ukraine, Israel and their own self interests.

Scotsman John Watt coined the phrase Bring The Noise highlight his efforts to raise awareness about the vaccine injured. Unelected WEF UK PM Ratty Sunake was not happy about the noise from the Commons’ public gallery during Andrew Bridgen’s excess deaths debate before a largely empty House of Commons. Indeed, I had never heard ‘noise’ like that from the public gallery during a live screening from the Commons. Yet again, the official arsehole class are out of touch with public feeling.

John Watt and his new found friend among vaccine injured, Alex Mitchell, followed the government guidance and submitted themselves to the covid1984 injection. Alex lost a leg. John, previously a gym fit competitive fighter, today struggles with health relapses.

Andrew Bridgen MP had long been requesting a date for excess deaths to be debated in Parliament. He eventually secured 20 October 2023.

The debate 20 October…

Alex Kelly of UK CV Family, whose mother died after an AstraZeneca injection, was refused entry to Andrew Bridgen’s vaccine injury adjournment debate despite holding an invitation from him. She reports that apparently, PM Ratty Sunake complained that the Commons’ public gallery needed to quieten down because Mr. Sunake was ‘not happy about the noise’.
Alex reports this about 5 minutes into the show, from her vehicle during a lunch break.

PM Sunake was in the building, but did not find time to attend a debate on above average excess deaths in the UK. During covid1984, they had a number counter in the bottom of the TV screen chronicling any death ‘with covid’ during the ‘pandemic’. Today, they turn a blind eye. Of course they do, because the covid1984 policy killed, not a ‘pandemic’.

Alex Mitchell is left with one leg and even accusation and slurs of being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ while BBC Bunny Marijuanna Spring is paid to perpetuate the official narrative: nothing to see here.

Don’t let up John and Alex! Don’t let up. They will be held to account if we just keep going and do not let up.

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3 Responses to “Bring The Noise”

  1. ian says:

    Another great post and artwork Ned. BTW, I’m not sure if the assholes in charge are out of touch, they just don’t care, and try to stifle our voices, and it really pisses them off when they misjudge even the tiniest leak of truth. King Richard apparently said, after killing Watt Tyler, who was alone and unarmed as requested, that though he always viewed the peasants as vile, he would view them as viler hereafter. Nothing changes.

    • NPP says:

      You may well be correct

      ‘I’m not sure if the assholes in charge are out of touch, they just don’t care’

      Whether wittingly or unwittingly, the UK government does not represent us. I don’t think they even like us.

      Sad, isn’t it.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        It’s not just the government either Ned, it’s the whole uk political class, as Goodwin’s paper in Tap’s post demonstrates:

        I call them the One Party. One big club and you ain’t in it

        They certainly don’t like us either. They treat us with contempt. They don’t even try to hide their nasty ways any more. They feel invulnerable. They will inevitably face a reckoning one day, hopefully soon but I’m not holding my breath