They Are Screwing The Kids

My bug bear is the insane, stupid, dangerous climate emergency agenda. It’s a bloody lie; fools led by fools. However, it’s inadvertently led to increasing awareness of the sexualisation of children.

I tuned into Kris Brooks’ LSB Film Productions channel a month ago to watch a West Suffolk Council public meeting because I am fed up with a climate emergency policy that now prohibits us from buying ‘proper’ coal. It was discussed, but what I was not expecting was for WSC Chief Executive Ian Gallin, on about £200K/year, to shut down the meeting when the subject of sexual education for primary school children was raised. The Chief Executive of Suffolk Council Nicola Beach, on over £200K/year, sanctions sex education for small children throughout the county. This video demonstrates how valuable citizen journalism is:
West Suffolk Full Council Meeting Walk Out

Between 2018-2019 I produced and submitted illustrations for the UK Column News. I’d spent years painting Türkiye, but I’m not Turkish, have no say in Turkish politics and wanted to contribute toward the direction of my own home nation England and specifically Brexit. I chose UKC partly due to the encouragement of TAP blog founder Henry Curteis and because they were my preferred UK news platform. I met Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish at an Ian R. Crane Alternative View conference and showed them some already made artworks. I would watch the UKC show, then broadcast 5 times a week, draw, complete, scan and send to Mike Robinson within 2-3 hours of the close of broadcast. I ‘worked’ for free. Mike published 148 of my illustrations beneath the show video and above the show notes. They all disappeared the day YouTube removed the UKC News channel. I produced more than 148, but sometimes Mike wouldn’t use a submission, though never explaining why. This is an example of an unpublished artwork. Perhaps Mike deemed it too inappropriate.
The show notes include…
’Teen Vogue article for 8 year olds upwards: ‘how to’ on anal sex’

Looking back on those shows and my illustrations, sexuality and children was sadly a subject the UKC felt compelled to reported on. They did publish this:

… and this rather precedent one:

So, back to today and this came under my nose:!!:a
Along with this:

… and lo and behold, back to Kris & co:

The abuse of children must be addressed. Currently, Zionist Israel are bombing Gaza to hell which apparently includes at least 4,000 murdered Palestinian children to date. Imagine if those children were Israeli; the BBC, Suella Braverwoman, Ratty Sunake, Sir Kueer Starmer et al would be screaming blue murder, but some people and children are less equal than others.

Get off your knees England. They are screwing the kids here, there and probably everybloodywhere. It will stop when enough of we ordinary little people down here at street level demand enough is enough.

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