Hamas Killed The Dinosaurs

Apparently. Allegedly. Well, that’s if dinosaurs existed, it was definitely Hamas who genocided them into extinction. Even if it was a meteor, it was almost certainly an Hamas meteor.

The Israeli Defense Force have searched endless hospitals and schools in Gaza and discovered definitive proof of the slaughter of the dinosaurs by Hamas.
’New evidence from Israeli scientists suggests Hamas rockets killed the dinosaurs.’

The Palestinian children keep toy dinosaurs in commemoration of the dinosaur extinction executed by Hamas and disguise the entrance to the underground network of terrorist tunnels with mice pretending they are mouse holes. The sophistication of Hamas deceit and deception knows no bounds. Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev has repeatedly appeared on BBC Radio 4 to warn us of Palestinian smoke and mirrors and at last has proof of the semolina pudding.

The GCL, God’s Chosen Lunatics, always scream as they beat you and enjoy wide spread sympathy from the entire US congress and senate, UK WEF PM and opposition leader to the likes of Andrew Bridgen MP and Conservative Woman.
‘We should all condemn unreservedly the atrocities committed against Israeli civilians by Hamas terrorists. I asked @AndrewmitchMP if the Government believe that the ongoing response of the Israel Defence Forces remains proportionate, and will they keep the matter under review?’
Incredibly, it seems Bridgen sought assurance from Andrew Mitchell, the very same MP who helped usher out MPs from the House of Commons when Bridgen raised the issue of vaccine adverse reactions. It’s reassuring to know these MPs, despite their differences, all come together to say no to any ludicrous thoughts of a ceasefire and maintain support for the ongoing slaughter of those nasty Palestinian terrorists who stubbornly deny the right of Zionist settlers to steal their homes. It’s so unreasonable of the Palestinians; after all, God is an estate agent and the bible a title deed. Oops, I just spelt bible with a lower case ‘b’; James Delingpole will get his knickers in a twist. Ah sod it, let his knickers twist.

Even The Conservative Woman, so good at standing against the tyranny of covid1984, know dinosaur killers when they see them!
How Hamas use their own civilians as human shields
‘Mounting calls for ceasefire stem from this poisonous allegation and the superficial understanding of Hamas’s tactics including its relentless jihadist quest to destroy the Jewish state.’

Those poor put upon Zionist Israelis. Here we see a Zionist Israeli IDF soldier who has just bravely invaded a school.

A major landmark in the development of success by Israel was signaled as they planted an LGBT flag on Palestinian soil.

Wow! Progess! The anus as a sex organ at last being promoted in Gaza!

This is the kind of terrible propaganda Zionist Israel must cope with and frequently found on ever increasingly antisemolinaic ‘X’. Fear not though, the ADL, The Lobby
and AIPAC will deal with the errant Elon Musk and his ridiculous notions of absolute free speech.
Ex CIA Larry Johnson talks to Ryan Dawson about Israeli lies

Eva Bartlett talks about occupied territories

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