Steve Bell-Armani Underpantsoverpants Cancelled

It’s a dilemma. Now Steve Bell has been cancelled, should collective West leaders discard their Bell-Armani underpantsoverpants?

The classic undergarment worn over trousers known as pants in America, are traditionally worn with the tie, jacket and shirt tails tucked inside the underpantsoverpants. Here we see the Union Jack and Israeli motifs with Ukraine reduced to the gusset position.

Armani licensed the original Steve Bell design and so successfully marketed the Bell-Armani garment to leaders of the collective West that Joe ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Biden even dons two pairs; making the face nappy version particularly popular among covid1984 cult members. He has adapted the fly as a tongue outlet.

Let’s remind ourselves of the original underpantsoverpants.

Sources close to the powers that cling on to be, inform other sources that a diplomatic dilemma has broken out following the termination of employment by The Guardian of cartoonist Steve Bell. Bell famously invented the underpants worn over trousers as made popular by then UK PM John Major. Following his affair with Zionist Israeli and covid1984 injection fanatic Eggwina Currey, she of the salmonella egg scandal, he wore his underpants over his trousers. Hence a new garment term was created: the underpantsoverpants. Here Eggwina is portrayed with John’s underpantsoverpants on her bonce.

This is the image that has plunged Steve Bell into, not the antisalmonella, but the antisemolina punch bowl.

Cambridge college cancels talk by sacked Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell over sketch of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu amid fears it would be platforming anti-Semitism and could ‘provoke protests’
Steve Bell speaks out after being sacked by email following 40 years at Guardian
It’s not all bad news for Steve, because…
Guardian to keep paying cartoonist sacked over ‘anti-Semitic’ drawing

The underpantsoverpants enjoyed a comeback recently as Sleepy Joe and leaders at Orkus incorporated their free and democratic national colours upon their underpantsoverpants.

Of course, not all have toed the line as trouble maker Trump insists on wearing his underpants under his pants.

The Donald even rudely suggested Joe sniffs his own.

Not only has Ratty Sunake taken up the fashionable attire, but the UK opposition leader Sir Kueer Stammerer has also joined the pants club.

Are underpantsoverpants now the latest symbol of antisemolinaism or will they overcome the set back and make a return? It is rumoured that the IDF will be searching all pairs of underpantsoverpants for secret Hamas terrorist tunnels and hideouts. Israel is very concerned these garments may be used as underwear shields and may even be used as hand gliding sails for future Hamas assaults on Israeli positions.

It will be fascinating to see how this immensely important issue unfolds. If the current scandal persists and underpantsoverpants are banned, any pairs in preferably pristine, unsoiled condition, could be worth a small fortune on the under garment black market.

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2 Responses to “Steve Bell-Armani Underpantsoverpants Cancelled”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:


    Bell was superb in those days, with the Iron Lady and her Cabinet full of vegetables, John and Norman with their underpants and green peas. Bliar with his halo, and his death ray killer smile. He nailed them all regardless

    His cancellation is a stark reminder of just how far our society has fallen. Although sticking with the Guardian for so long……

    • NPP says:

      Bell is probably financially secure. But, he has been censored by a foreign entity.
      Kudos to him for declining to apologise.