We are the salt of the earth.

“Scientists” have always and still do say ….. fossils are mostly bone and skeletons because fleshy stuff and organs rots away…..but Mudfossils were “Exceptionally Preserved Soft Body Parts” (Yale Univ words not mine). These are the flesh and organs. Why would the bones dissolve but not the Meaty parts? Here is why. BTW there were Giants in those days…mighty men and the men of Renown.  In the picture that is a human brain….

(31) Giant Flood Giant Brains and body parts but Few Bones Why – YouTube

Here’s a clue – salt – Na Cl – Sodium Chloride.  Enzymes break down more complex molecules into simpler molecules – so that, for example, Potassium can easily be switched to Sodium.  Sodium and Chlorine are very simple molecules, two of the lowest in the Periodic Table, one from far left, the other from far right.  Salt can cure many ailments in the human body.  Roger has a salt breathing device and cured himself of a breathing problem by breathing Himalayan Salt in water vapour.

My friend Wilko uses salt to brush his teeth and did so since WW2.  He’s now over 100 years old and still going strong, the only veteran to march the whole course on Australia’s 75th anniversary of the end of WW2.  Dentists will go out of business let alone fluoride manufacturers (toothpaste).  Gums can be healthy all the time if given enough salt, as can sea water cure excema and so on.

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