Ungoo your lungs

Where does all the salt on the earth come from ?  Why are there so many colours of salt ?  We need a  certain amount of salt every day or we die.  We need salt – unlike what they say in the media.

Roger uses a salt inhaler breathing in Himalayan Pink salt and he says it’s cured his respiratory problems.  He sound pretty nasal!  So no doubt has sinus issues.

He explains how his research of salt has informed his understanding of space and the universe.  The universe is saturated with particles.  He shows how an enzyme can eat away molecules and parts of molecules converting silicone into aluminum for example.  Salt is the end product of enzymes eating away at more complex molecules, changing them into simpler elements such as Na Sodium and Chlorine Cl, the components of salt.  The Great Flood was a deluge by a silica rich water.  This converted many of the giant/massive life forms alive at the time into salt.  The Sodium converted from K = Potassium.

People who spend time in salt mines have much better respiratory health than people above ground.  Try using a salt inhaler, says Roger.  They about £20 including delivery charge.

Venus cooked the earth for 7 days and destroyed everything including a boiling salt water flood.  He theorises on the effects of the flood.  Salt mines are biology turned to salt.  Was the whole earth a creature?  Were the giant life forms on top of the earth?  The earth is nothing but bodies and corpses on top of the earth.  Was the earth itself biology?


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  1. newensign says:

    Good info Tap, the minerals of the sea are in proportion of those in the body and as a doctor back in the early 1900’s discovered that when he drained the blood of a near dead dog and replaced it with sea water the dog got up and ran around and found the water had quickly turned to blood. Yes the salt sniffers are good, but according to Dr. Myhill, its better with iodine added which will kill black mould that can build up in the lungs.