How Does This Work?

This is really about Vanessa Beeley. The artwork sketch came first, then I heard Vanessa say the words further below.

Controlled opposition. Rabbit holes. Space energy weapons. Is 5G dangerous? Are chemtrails a thing? Are viruses real? Is Grotty Thunderberg a plant; male or female? Is she/he/it human flesh and blood? I joke. Humour can often maintain sanity. I thought she was on board with the global uniparty. How do they view her standing with Gaza? As for the anti-Semolinaite octopus, apparently her comfort toy for autism, being interpreted as a symbol of prejudice, send in more clown world continuum clowns! I’m adding a sentient, thoughtful yacht.

As far as I recall, a Rothschild family yacht took Grotty across the sea to destination New York harbour to promote the fight against anthropogenic climate change. As far as I understand the big banking and corporate institutions such as Rothschild and Rockefeller helped found the ‘green’ political agenda. Rothschild appears to have been absolutely instrumental in founding Zionist Israel, yet this past week Grotty Thunderberg has been pictured supporting Palestine. I support Palestine. Yes, I find myself on the same side as Grotty Thunderberg. How does this all work?

The yacht…

About 34 minutes into this Red Ice panel discussion, they talk about Grotty Thunderberg and the anti-Semitic octopus…

By sharp comparison, these are the words of Vanessa Beeley. You can only access this if you are a UKC subscriber.
… so I have transcribed Vanessa’s words during a UKC Extra as she asked to respond to those accusing her of Palestinian bias.

“I would like to address those accusing me of ‘enjoying’ what is happening in Palestine.
Since 20212 I’ve been in those areas under attack, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Palestine.
No, I don’t enjoy bloodshed. I’ve seen an awful lot more than any of you.
Terrorists funded by the UK regime rip fetuses from women’s wombs and hang them from the branches of trees. Terrorists supported by Western media and government who go to Homs, take women, strip them naked, tie them between cars and drive the cars apart.
I do not enjoy violence, I do not enjoy bloodshed.
I do enjoy that Palestinians might suddenly receive freedom and they might finally be liberated from the open air concentration camp that is Gaza that is now being bombed on an unprecedented level. 2,000 bombs in these 2 weeks alone and they have nowhere to go.
Gaza, a strip of land 40km x 12km, the size of the Isle of Wight, 2.4 million inhabitants, the majority under the age of 18. No underground shelters, no way to escape. You cannot compare the missiles from the resistance and the bombs being used by Israel supplied by the US, UK and entire Western cabal supporting the genocide in Gaza, that is supporting the genocide in Gaza because they are not calling for peace, they’re calling for war, more conflict.
They are calling for the final extermination of the people of Palestine.”

I remember c.2017 being in the Marmara Suadiye hotel residence in Bağdat Caddesi, Istanbul and listening to Vanessa report some of the above. It profoundly disturbed me and disturbs me no less hearing her repeat it.

Imagine Vanessa Beeley receiving a similar level of legacy media attention as Grotty Thunderberg. It would probably reflect a healthier world.

I believe this is my first ever artwork referencing Vanessa; with then PM Theresa May watching UK Column…

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5 Responses to “How Does This Work?”

  1. ian says:

    Excellent Ned.

    • NPP says:

      How does it all work?
      Funny old world isn’t it.
      Me & Grotty on the same page.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Grotty is just posing for the cameras. She’s just on whatever page that the director tells her to read. There is no requirement for her to actually think

    She doesn’t really give a damn because she is an actor playing a role. A role determined by the directors who says “Read page 26 today Greta honey. Lights, camera and action!”

    Who is the director? Your guess is a good as mine. But I do seem to recall that the Rothschild intelligence agency was top of the tree at one time. Fully integrated into “British Intelligence” now no doubt. None of them work for the people, they are all tools of the “elites”

    So Grotty is obviously very very well connected, that’s why she is so heavily promoted. If she wasn’t a “made woman” then nobody would have ever heard of her. What has she ever done other than moan and glue herself to the pavement? She doesn’t even look pretty

    • ian says:

      Exactly Pete. Just like Nayirah, the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter who helped bring in the Iraq war.

  3. NPP says:

    I suspect it demonstrates the chaos among the intent.
    As Ian R. Crane would say, the chaos can result in unintended consequences for the good too.
    I sense Israel & the Zionist entity have lost control of the narrative some what.

    Grotty’s octopus being anti-Semitic is beyond bizarre.