Wealthy demand unvaxxed pilots

By Sally Beck August 29, 2023

PILOT deaths are in the news again as three more have ‘died suddenly’ this month. IndiGo Captain Manoj Subramanyam, 40, suffered a cardiac arrest boarding at the gate at Nagpur airport. He died on his way to hospital. Qatar airlines lost a ‘very fit’ senior pilot aged 51 who died while travelling as a passenger on flight QR579 flight from Delhi to Doha. LATAM Flight LA505 from Miami to Santiago, Chile, was diverted to Panama after Captain Ivan Andaur, 56, collapsed and died in the toilet. In Alabama, a student pilot suffered a cardiac arrest and received CPR mid-flight. He was revived on the ground. Meanwhile there are reports of 15 other incidents involving pilot collapses and deaths. One caused a crash that killed everyone on board, including a two-year-old girl.

In March alone we reported on five pilots who either collapsed or died. Canadian physician Dr William Makis, author of more than 100 peer-reviewed medical publications, has also been tracking pilot deaths with numerous articles on his Substack page like this one from June 2023 that detailed four Singapore Airlines pilots who died suddenly, or with cancer.

Many think Covid vaccines, rolled out at the end of 2020, are to blame. Between 2021 and 2022, the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) ‘unfit to fly’ numbers showed a 75 per cent increase, while the RAF said that 27 per cent of their pilots were medically downgraded. All pilots need to demonstrate a less than one per cent chance of developing serious illness to pass their annual medical, which makes these numbers unusual.

Recent freedom of information (FOI) requests to the CAA and the RAF show an alarming increase in the number of commercial and armed forces pilots registered unfit to fly post the vaccination rollout.

Here are the CAA’s numbers from the last five years of all medically grounded commercial and private pilots:

·       2018 – 1,550 – normal year

·       2019 – 1,663 – first covid cases reported in December 2019

·       2020 –    851 – air travel restricted because of lockdowns, covid infections at their worst, no vaccine until December

·       2021 – 1,594 – vaccine widely available from January and mandated for US and Australian pilots in November but not for British, the majority of whom would have taken the vaccine or faced restrictions flying to countries with vaccine mandates

·       2022 – 2,784 – post vaccination, huge increase in failed medicals – 75 per cent.

More than 25 per cent is an unusual increase for RAF pilots, but what about the 75 per cent increase in commercial pilot groundings? The correspondence on this issue has been long and arduous but it seems that Brexit is partly to blame.

When we exited the European Union (EU), British pilots were registered with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). They had to de-register with EASA then re-register with the CAA. A CAA spokesman claimed this process accounted for the increased numbers, saying: ‘Around 8,000 pilots transferred their European licences to other EU countries and then applied for a UK licence in 2022. During this period there may have been applicants returning to the UK whose application was given a temporary “unfit” status whilst we obtained relevant medical information relating to declared medical conditions. This status would have been mostly recorded for administrative reasons.

‘One applicant could be made unfit and then fit on a number of occasions within a year and each of those instances will be counted in our reports. So, the same applicant can appear more than once on a report if they have multiple transactions with an aeromedical examiner, multiple limitations on their certificate, or indeed if they take several medications.’

I found this confusing, inconclusive and unconvincing, so I submitted a further FOI request on Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORs), which are compulsory reports to the CAA about anything that might happen during a flight to endanger aircraft, crew, or passengers. The CAA would not confirm nor deny whether they held the information.

So I contacted their Safety Intelligence department last month in the hope that they would share MOR details. They said that EU Regulation 376/2014 meant that they could not reveal MOR information to the public or media; it was only for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety. They said: ‘Our medical team have sight and regularly review MORs, and they initiate appropriate regulatory actions.’

A brick wall, but what about the RAF’s numbers? In January 2023, US Airforce Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, a board-certified aerospace medicine doctor and Army Brigade flight surgeon, raised the alarm for service personnel. She said: ‘I saw unusual diagnoses and alarming trends only after the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccinations.’ Dr Long testified in court that in just one afternoon she had heard from four pilots whose MRI scans showed they had myocarditis.

The US mandated Covid vaccines for their military in August 2021 even though Lt Col Long said that immunity gained from infection was superior to vaccination, and that ‘less that 20 active-duty personnel out of 1.4million died of the underlying SARs-CoV-2.’

RAF pilot numbers are registered on two levels: temporarily medically downgraded because of failed medicals but still allowed to fly depending on illness, for example a twisted ankle, and permanently medically downgraded because of failed medicals, though they can fly again if they recover.

Vaccination was not mandated, but a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that 97 per cent per cent of defence personnel accepted first jabs and 95 per cent accepted second jabs.

Here are the RAF figures:


2018 – 220                           

2019 – 220                           

2020 – 230

2021 – 240                           

2022 – 280                           


2018 – 60

2019 – 70

2020 – 90 – Covid-19 infections at their worst

2021 – 100 – armed forces offered jab in July

2022 – 90 – MoD confirmed 97 per cent of defence personnel vaccinated, though not pilot numbers

What does that mean to air safety and our country’s air security? Pilot activists US Freedom Flyers and Aussie Freedom Flyers say vaccine side-effects, known to cause heart inflammation, blood clots and strokes, are a factor in pilot incapacitations.

Former Virgin Australia captain Glen Waters from the pilot support group Aussie Freedom Flyers revealed disturbing information: ‘Heart attacks and strokes in our industry are extremely rare.

One specialised GP with aeromedical qualifications known as a Designated Medical Examiner (DAME) said he had seen a significant increase in the heart condition myocarditis (that can be fatal), and pericarditis. I thought it was one in a hundred but the DAME said no, it’s more like one in ten. He did say that a lot of the symptoms he’d seen were treatable and transient.

‘Privately, I’ve spoken to pilots who know they’re vaccine injured. One pilot hardly made it home from his second shot. It took him three and a half hours to drive an 80-minute journey. He had to keep pulling over because he was fainting and sweating. He thought he was going to die. He ended up with pericarditis and leukaemia.

‘Another pilot had myocarditis post vaccination and had six months off work. He was hoping to get paid off through his insurance. After eight months his cardiologist said “I think you’re over it, you can go back to work”, and his DAME was prepared to give his medical [permission to fly] back. He said: “I don’t know why because I can hardly function. I wouldn’t survive a 12-hour day at work, and I don’t want to try.” He never got a payoff.

‘A third pilot in that situation got his medical back and did one day at work and it almost killed him. He resigned the next day. Now he has a carpet cleaning business.’

Despite a spike in pilot incapacitations and deaths no one in authority will investigate the Covid vaccination as a cause, terrified of liability. We do need to know the truth so if you are a commercial or RAF pilot who can shed light on what is happening, please contact Sally Beck here. info@conservativewoman.co.uk

Source: conservativewoman.co.uk

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5 Responses to “Wealthy demand unvaxxed pilots”

  1. Tapestry says:

    If all of humanity is slated for extinction they would tell the few needed to do the killing that they will be safe.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    The commercial pilot figures are hard to put into perspective. A 75% increase is definitely significant. But given the absence of the total number of pilots involved then, there is no baseline. So it’s impossible to see the true significance and risk. I guess that there must be tens of thousands of pilots in total, but the article doesn’t say

    Ditto the RAF. Their numbers don’t seem to have shot up. But we don’t know what the total number of pilots is so we can’t see the true significance there either

    So I asked ChatGTP which said:

    “The average number of aircraft in the sky across the globe at any one moment can vary based on factors such as time of day, day of the week, geographical location, and global events. However, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there were typically around 9,000 to 15,000 commercial airplanes in the sky worldwide during peak hours.”

    Note latest data is 2021 [AI is a tad out of date then!]

    So a lot more than that now I suppose. So there must be tens of thousands of pilots overall then, maybe even hundreds of thousands

    Also, in a perverse sort of way the, the figures are comforting. There certainly doesn’t appear to be a massive pilot armageddon taking place. And I imagine that most of these guys took the poison shot

  3. Tapestry says:

    The troubles with UK air traffic control systems must be all part of the anti-travel psop. We were lucky landing last Tuesday. I wrote on the other thread about what the reptilians are doing by reducing humanity maybe to zero in ways which don’t damage property and infrastructure. They want us gone but not our homes, buildings and roads etc. – not like with the giants. They were destroyed with floods and maybe hot water or steam. They seem almost peaceful in their fossilised faces – as if they died quickly but not feeling much pain – maybe by thunderbolt causing instant death…Humans are being decimated with viciously slow working poisons from vaxxes etc. They are taking us out by stealth in comparison with the decimation of the giants. Their bodies fertilised the planet making way for humanity. We populated and developed the earth. They seem to want to keep what we have built but not us. The plot thickens.

  4. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Yes it’s so obviously part of the anti-travel thing. It always happens at peak travel time now, to cause peak disruption and misery to as many folk as poss. Rarely during the quiet times

    Their “kill us all” plan hasn’t been very successful so far though has it. If population growth stats are accurate then, they are not getting their way at all. There are more of us than ever, at least according to them there are

    Westerners are far too compliant but, thankfully. most folk live outside the west. My nephew, who is clued up, eyes wide open, recently travelled out in the sticks in South Africa. He came back full of it saying that ordinary whites and blacks there laugh about the stupid westerners obedience levels. And their belief in obvious BS media stories. Seems that they are more grounded there, nobody obeys there either: covid jabs, government instructions, masks, social distancing etc etc forget it. Bribing police is standard. You can buy your way in or out of anything. Just a question of the price. What’s it like in the Philippines, do they obey there?

    And can we even believe anything that these “officials” say anymore here in UK? Even about population levels? Is there any public “service” left that we can trust? I can’t think of one here. They all seem corrupted, even the ONS which even lies about deaths and their cause now. Something that was absolutely beyond the Pale and inconceivable in the past

  5. Tapestry says:

    The Philippines are sadly very obedient and trust the media. They had a two year lockdown and were forced to vaccinate at very high levels to gain access to supermarkets and so on. Now a war with China is billing in the media. It will be a catastrophe. Africa is way ahead after AIDS and seeing how doctors etc kill large numbers there with vaccines over decades. The trouble is that the war in Africa just starting might spread.