The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 293 – Babylon Fire Pt B – [1:30:35]


The Pagans (Freemasons) are the “arsonists” – they are the FIREMEN “setting” fires THEN putting them out. The REAL FIREMEN start fires so that the FAKE FIREMEN have a job to do putting the fires out making them community HEROES! The Jesuits CREATE the HEROES for the public to worship by CREATING the FIRES and DISASTERS that the HEROES then SAVE the public from! They BURN anything that THEY DEEM NECESSARY in order to bring the CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION they NEED to bring in their New World Order! FIRES are NEEDED for SACRIFICE! Jesuits believe that “without the “shedding” of blood there can be no forgiveness.” They INVERT the scripture to mean that constant shedding of blood is needed – constant blood sacrifice with FIRE! Babylon World Empire is built on the blood of the innocent who died in a million fire sacrifices!



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