Russians Don’t Use $ or €

The collective West’s approach appears to be: Russia’s unstable, if we keep at this, eventually, we hope, Russia will collapse and Putin will go.

Russia’s response is, why would we be worried about the ruble to dollar exchange? We don’t trade in dollars! Same for the €uro. I always type €uro with € to remind myself of the Brexit election victory, even though Boris did not really get Brexit done, despite Brexit getting the lying buffoon into No: 10.

What is it with the US, UK, €U, NATO et al and their endless onslaught in Ukraine to bring about ‘regime change’ in Russia? Blind ignorance? Stubborn arrogance? Plain stupidity?
To remind you, GOO : Government Of Occupation… coined by David Scott at and U7 :

BRICS was discussed on BBC R4 PM last night. Their analysis seemed so dismissive and sneering of this relatively new economic organisation. While the collective West are obsessed with optics, BRICS countries appear focused on business and trade deals.
This is TED, The English Democrats, at least realsing the reality of geo-political reality and collaboration.

While the NATO neocons are hell bent on a no reverse gear policy, Russia and China seem to have assisted in bringing together Saudi Arabia and Iran, an extraordinary development of peaceful relations rather than the hostility that has previously prevailed. I’d say that’s laying further foundation for BRICS.

Even the BBC have to admit: Brics summit: How China’s and Russia’s clout is growing in Africa:

The first image above is inspired by The Duran, a platform that has really come to the fore during the Ukraine NATO proxy war. The episode below highlighted this article:
Russia got richer even as the war in Ukraine raged on last year, while the West shed trillions of dollars of wealth:

Even African nations appear galvanised by the positive ‘let’s do business’ approach of Russia rather than the optics obsessed uniparty West. Ukraine’s 2014 Maiden coup was approved, but Niger’s 2023 coup is not? Niger are challenging the threat of the usual suspects, saying no and aligning themselves with like minded nations. As the collective West become even more bogged down in Ukraine, nations outside the ‘Rules Based Order’ collective are turning to a brighter future without the hindrance of the uniparty West.

I’d love to have a MIR card just for the hell of it.

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