Another Eco-Fascist

There I was, listening to The Duran, a favourite platform, when Prof. Jeffrey Sachs spoilt it all.

I know, is it facist or fascist? Oh well, it’s drawn now.

Oh dear. Who to trust? It’s perplexing how an ‘expert’ can be so apparently on the mark then make comment that brings into question their judgement. The Duran and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs were having such a sensible conversation; the corrupt incarceration of Imran Khan, the ever war-mongering and diplomatic failure of super-neocon John Bolton, the proxy NATO war to the ‘last Ukrainian’ and then, oops! At 44 mins 50 secs Sachs suggested Pakistan and India should be working together to implement a 5G network and harness ‘renewable energy’.

5G? I’m not convinced 5G is a dangerous frequency weapon, it may be, but it is a tool for potential total control and surveillance of human populations. It was the mention of ‘renewable energy’ that took my attention to disappointment. Exactly what is ‘renewable’ about wind turbines and solar panels? They require earth excavation and litter our seas, landscapes and green fields of England with an ugly aesthetic. Solar panels in south-eastern Türkiye, fine, but not the agricultural fields of England’s East Anglia where we have a few of weeks of sunny summer at best. The underlying principle involved is we have an anthropogenic climate change emergency. We don’t.

At 47 minutes Prof. Sachs added, Saudi Arabia and Iran can come to together and address common problems: ‘we’re facing climate disaster, we have the hydro-carbons challenge…’

How can this eminent professor believe in the ‘climate emergency’? We need hydro-carbons. We do not need climate emergency carbon zero policy.

Go to Prof. Sachs’ website and see a similar coloured circular motif seen worn by so many in the carbon zero fear cult.

Prof. Sachs is labelled a ‘global leader in sustainable development’.
Whenever I read or hear ‘sustainable development’, my Agenda2030 BS alert antenna kicks into action.

I was disappointed, though not so surprised as I’ve heard Sachs before, but I did wonder what Alex and Alexander at The Duran think of the supposed ‘climate change disaster’. It would be interesting to hear Sachs talk to e.g. Alex Epstein:
For the record, here are few examples of the other side of the debate not permitted on the BBC.

The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Ivor Cummins describes this documentary as, ‘Utterly SUPERB 2004 mainstream climate documentary – never look further than this, as it is stuffed with credentialed experts who are dedicated to the technical truth. Those who are dedicated to technical truth, and not to the WEF modeling scamsters:’

A conversation between James Delingpole and Ivor Cummins mentioning the climate change subject:

For the first time we are unable to buy what I refer to as normal, proper coal from our local merchant. I have written to the General Secretary at the Coal Merchants Federation of Great Britain My letter included…

Dear Wilma,

There is no climate emergency and you should all be selling coal as per normal. I have written to 5 local councillors and my old school where they undoubtedly indoctrinate the students with this David Attenborough climate fear codswallop. I have had net zero response from that letter. I hand delivered a letter to my local Parish Council and did at least receive a hard copy response dated 06 June included, ‘This will receive the appropriate consideration in due course’.

David Bellamy was correct. David Attenborough is a despicable character pushing falsehoods and wasting money and energy insisting there is a climate emergency. Bellamy’s mentor was Viktor Schauberger. I have Alick Bartholomew’s book on Schauberger, ‘Hidden Nature’, forwarded by Bellamy. Bartholomew espouses CO2 induced climate change. Bellamy was ousted from the BBC because he did not. This is how muddy the waters can be. I understand there are plenty of polar bears and glaziers form and melt all the time. There’s no emergency.

If Sunak, Starmer, ‘not my King’ Charles, WoMD liar Tony Blair, the BBC et al think they can succeed where King Cnut failed and change the earth’s climate, they are surely deluded. This is political ideology at work. CO2 is essential for life on earth and certainly not our enemy. There is negligible, if any, anthropogenic climate change.

Tories = Labour = Lib Dems = Greens, so responsibility falls upon us, ‘Joe Public’.

PM Sunak and PM hopeful Starmer are confused as to what a woman is. I cannot believe such nonsense is being touted by our national leaders as ‘science’ and reality. These same political ‘leaders’ who apparently support child surgery to ‘transition’ from one gender to another, push the carbon zero policy.

You, the coal industry are being taken for fools. I urge you to organise yourselves and do not acquiesce, comply or submit to this ludicrous coal ‘ban’. I suspect you have huge support up and down the country.


I wonder if Wilma agrees. How can ‘the great’ Jeffrey Sachs, as introduced by Alex Christoforou, be apparently so alert to nonsense presented on the one hand, yet apparently believe the nonsense on the other?

Until shown and proved otherwise, I say there is no climate emergency.
Elizabeth Nickson, author of Eco-Fascists

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3 Responses to “Another Eco-Fascist”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Excellent post again Ned, thanks

    “is it facist or fascist”
    Fascist. The root is Latin fasces. “The fasces are made up of bundles of long, thin branches strapped around an axe. In ancient Rome, these fasces were carried by lictors, officers who served magistrates and executed their sentences.”
    See US Congress. Paperclip was just the 20th century US nazi’s. It’s in your face as usual

    “Exactly what is ‘renewable’ about wind turbines and solar panels?”

    “How can this eminent professor believe in the ‘climate emergency’?”
    He’s a liar because none of them believe it I expect. He’s not stupid, so he must know what’s really going on. But he values his easy money stream I imagine so that will never happen

    “I did wonder what Alex and Alexander at The Duran think of the supposed ‘climate change disaster’”
    If they’ve got any sense they will steer well clear. If they voice any kind of opinion about the climate BS then they will lose out. Better keep schtum/shtum [Great Yiddish word]

    “CO2 is essential for life on earth and certainly not our enemy. There is negligible, if any, anthropogenic climate change”
    Very true. Show me the empirical proof of AGW/CC? They can’t, because it doesn’t exist. It’s all theoretical on useless computer models. Those damn geeks again

    “Tories = Labour = Lib Dems = Greens, so responsibility falls upon us, ‘Joe Public’.”
    Very, very, true again. I labelled it “The One Party” in 2016 or thereabouts. Nothing has changed since, it’s even worse in fact

  2. NPP says:

    I did ‘spell check’, but I’d drawn the bloody thing &thought sod it!

    This climate crap is really irritating.

  3. ian says:

    Great post Ned. Yes the climate crap is irritating, and again, a great comment Pete.