Prigozhin Died! Who Did It?

Ryan Dawson from South Korea. Among the most censored, banned, cancelled content providers on the interwebs. He is my 9/11 go-to. If you are not familiar with him, some of his references will go over your head, but his analysis is worth your time.
Warning: the first 5mins is a horrible heavy metal type music noise intro… I hate it, but his analysis is good.

He mentions Litvinenko. I’m not sure this is the link, but this is a link:


13 Responses to “Prigozhin Died! Who Did It?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Pregozhin knows. The war is being run by Reptilian forces who want maximum casualties and maximum suffering and no victory for Russia. They are gradually eliminating all the best and most determined nationalist Russians from bloggers to generals. Surovikin is still in jail. They work from the top down, until an undefeatable army is eventually subdued. Pregozhin wanted these elements removed from Moscow and the High Command there, as they were cutting off his ammunition. The reptilians control NATO and they intend to control Russia through destruction of the nationalists. The Wagners were attacked by air foce elements during their drive on Moscow, as well as their families being taken. With Surovikin in jail, the fomer commander of the air force who helped wgners capture bakhmut, it seems the reptilians are in the ascendant.

    • NPP says:

      Oh no! I trust Putin has his reptilian zap-gun at hand to deter them. There’s also rumour that Saul McCartney’s transgender triplet has offered his direct frequency bass weapon to the Azov Battalion. There is the issue that most Azov are right-handed; but NATO will provide left-handed training..

      All things considered, I’m confident Putin has this covered.

  2. Belyi says:

    I haven’t seen any evidence that Surovikin is in prison. Why would he be? And who would have authorised it?

    • Tapestry says:

      I’ll look out for a reference Belyi. Southfront is gone. Surovikin enabled Wagner’s victory at Bakhmut by deploying guided bombs to make up for his lack of artillery shells.During the rebellion there was no doubt some play which demonstrated Surovikin’s loyalty to the Wagners. His command of the war was impeccable, and only when he was removed did Ukraine manage to achieve some advances. He actually wants a Russian victory which seems not to be the case at the Russian High Command. hence the coup attempt. As with Patton in WW2 if you win battles before that is intended to happen you are either killed or your forces are cut off or both. Surovikin has been removed from command and is thought to be in custody. As I say I’ll look for some confirmation, but to be honest we’ve just travelled and are all jet-lagged and dopey!

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Putin did it!
    Russian deep state did it!
    Biden did it!
    Nuland did it!
    CIA/MI6 did it!
    NATO did it!
    Ukraine did it!
    etc etc

    So how do we actually know that he is definitely dead? What confirmation do we have of that? Or are we just relying on lying media? Western and Russian MSM are surely fully controlled aren’t they?

    I saw one report that said some of the bodies were headless including his [so no teeth ID], I forget where

    Seems that his ID is based on DNA too. Which is obviously very easy to cheat about

    So what about another option? That he retired to some comfortable place/places enjoy his many millions $. Haircut, glasses, beard and Presto! he’s gone

    Just saying

  4. NPP says:

    It makes little difference if he’s dead or alive. He’s officially out of the way.
    It seems unlikely Putin ‘did it’; he was focused on BRICS; he does not seem inclined to murder ‘innocent’ Russians such as the crew.

    Is Elvis dead? Probably, but what does it matter?

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Agreed Ned, makes no difference whatsoever. He’s unlikely to rise from the grave isn’t he. That would be a stretch too far even for the lying liars

      Which Elvis is that? There were 2 of them, Elvis and Aaron [the one with the big chin] :-))

      • NPP says:

        Oh God, I forgot TAPsters believes in twin theory.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Did I say that I believed in it? I put a smiley in there, I was joking :-))

          But I don’t rule it out either. The photos are telling: singing Elvis v Movie star Elvis chinny, chin, chin

          • NPP says:

            My fault, I started it!
            I haven’t seen an Elvis film for years.

            Putin’s face has certainly filled out, but then faces and people do change.

            I suspect Biden has just has a lot of surgery; external & internal on his bloody brain!

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              Nor me, I only really enjoyed the early rocking Elvis. Found him more and more cheesy as time passed. By the time he hit Vegas I was utterly indifferent

              Putin is a puzzle too. I’ve seen a few versions of him over the years. Early KGB Vlad looked very different somehow. And very well connected with the global deep state too

              Ditto Sleepy Joe. The ears are the usual tell. Some Joe versions seem to have different ears. How does that work? 🙂

              As for Joes brain, that reminds me of Spitting Image about latter day Ronnie Reagan who was in a similar condition to dementia Joe:

              “The Presidents brain is missing!”

              • NPP says:

                I think Reagen was pretty compos mentos compared to Sleepy Joe.

                I like this version of Putin; original, just older or a clone from clown world, I’ll take this Putin over our collective West twerps.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  Me too! Incredible as it seems, Joe is even worst than late Ronnie Raygun

                  Me too Vlad. Current Vlad seems like a Statesman to me. Remember them? They were heavyweight characters with real gravitas who made decisions for their country’s benefit. Or at least seemed to

                  The current Vlad comes across as a human being too. Unlike all of the western goons. All the “Vlad is Hitler” stuff is pathetic, mainly just projection. He certainly seems to have some good advisers too

                  Ditto Xi. I read a fascinating piece on Unz last year about the Chinese educational meritocracy. The cream rises to the top in the face of relentlessly tough competition: Xi is a very very clever man


                  Nearly 5,000 words by Romanoff? Is he a relative? 🙂