Lahaina Fire Survivor Speaks

Lioness of Judah – Aug 15, 2023

Guest Post by Diana West August 14, 2023

“…Josh Martin explains in harrowing detail what it was like to survive the Lahaina…Martin’s account is horrific. And there are so many more we are not hearing.”

Speaking to News Nation, Josh Martin, a chef and business owner on Maui, explains in harrowing detail what it was like to survive the Lahaina fire after he and his wife and five dogs they were looking after were blocked from evacuating by car by police roadblocks (said to be due to downed power lines) and had to enter the water.

The conditions he describes in the surf off of Lahaina are so extreme they call out for expert analysis I cannot provide. Here, for the record, though, is his partly transcribed experience.

The fire was going into the ocean. The best way to explain it is a continuous bomb going off. … There were boats on fire 50 yards out. So even in the ocean at points, we were still getting burned. The video you’re showing right now [of people in rough water] … doesn’t have the flames actually coming into the water.

What explains flames actually coming into the water? The sense that a continuous bomb was going off? Burning boats 50 yards away from shore?

Martin continues:

It was bad. There was no where to go. At points, we didn’t know where land was. There were points where we were starting to pass out and were about to drown, and had to come to shore. The cars that were parked next to shore caught on fire, or exploding, and it was a leapfrog of fire, basically: Go out, we’re getting burned, come in, go out. Everywhere we were we were getting burned or we couldn’t breathe.

Fire that burns cars must be burning very hot, indeed (see graph below). What account for such heat?

We were able to save four out of five dogs [Josh’s wife is crying.] We had two with us. Two of them were found later. One is stil missing, which is Asher, a chocolate lab, that everybody is still lookimng for.

We spent about three hours in total in the water, if not more. Keep in mind this is over a 12 hour period. This is going from 3:30 in the afternoon to about 3 oclock in the morning.

It’s so hard to describe. Being out in the ocean, not knowing where you are, and being on fire, not knowing where land is, and the  currents pulling us where we can’t touch the ground. At times, I just remember telling her [his wife] if I start drowning, you save yourself. And it’s the most terrifying experience of our life ….

Martin’s account is horrific. And there are so many more we are not hearing.

Now to the melting points of metal.

This graph above charts the melting point of common metals. According to, the average house fire peaks at around 1,500 degrees F. Wildfires burn hotter. One source I came across places an “average surface fire on the forest floor” at around 1,472 degrees F or more. “Under extreme conditions, a fire can give off 10,000 kilowatts or more per meter of fire front. This would mean flame heights of 50 meters or more and flame temperatures exceeding … 2,192° F.

Lahaina, of course, is not a forest. We will have to see what the experts say about all of this —  if the experts say anything about all of this.

Meanwhile, some related details are emerging.

From the Independent (UK):

[Maui Police Chief John] Pelletier said identifying the dead is extremely challenging because “we pick up the remains and they fall apart … When we find our family and our friends, the remains that we’re finding is through a fire that melted metal.” Just two people have been identified so far, he said.

Now, get set for this from Gateway Pundit: Maui PD Chief Pelletier, oh, by the way, just happens to have been Las Vegas police chief at the time of  the 2017 Las Vegas massacre-cover-up.

Back to Lahaina. Not only was there no fire alarm, not only did the fire department leave not to return in the morning, the New York Times is now reporting the town’s water system collapsed during the conflagration also:

John Stufflebean, the county’s director of water supply, said backup generators allowed the system to maintain sufficient overall supply throughout the fire. But he said that as the fire began moving down the hillside, turning homes into rubble, many properties were damaged so badly that water was spewing out of their melting pipes, depressurizing the network that also supplies the hydrants.

“The water was leaking out of the system,” he said.

Now, Health Ranger writes on Telegram:

Evidence keeps mounting that the #Lahaina fires were DELIBERATELY shaped:

1) The (hurricane) warning sirens did not sound. Were they turned off on purpose?

2) The local fire department was ordered OFF the fire, claiming it was “contained”

3) The fire was still burning, though, with 70 mph winds known to be approaching

4) Emergency responder resources were WITHHELD from Lahaina as the fires raged

5) Local schools were cancelled to make sure children were at home, without their (working) parents

6) As a result, HUNDREDS of children were burned alive like a mass child sacrifice ritual

7) There is a massive COVER-UP right now about how many children were burned alive

This has all the hallmarks of an engineered act of #terrorism waged against the people of Hawaii…

America is under constant attack by the terrorist regime in power, run by criminals and satanists.


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