31 Responses to “Flat Earthers Please Pay Attention To Image 2”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Conspiracy Music Guru is great! He’s a very talented musician as those vids show

    The Bobby Zimmerman pisstake in the last one is really very good. I’d not seen old Bob confessing his sins before either

    I was never a fan of young Bob, but I was a great admirer. He was prolific and some of his albums were top drawer. Some folk couldn’t get over his rasping voice so they missed out. He was very talented and very prolific

    But Mathis blew him out of the water for me, he absolutely kippered and smoked him. So I knew that he was/is a fraud well before he accepted his Nobel prize. That was just the confirmation

    Most people don’t know that the Nobels were merchants of death either. The prizes certainly did the PR trick for those scumbags

    Incidentally I cant see image 2? If I click on the RT link then I end up in some sort of a Telegram loop but never get to see the images

    • sovereigntea says:

      Me neither “. Iā€™d not seen old Bob confessing his sins”
      Nobel made dynamite & explosives
      “Mathis blew him out of the water” LOL
      Obama won the Nobel peace prize and blew a lot of folks up.
      Surprising Blair hasn’t got one šŸ™‚
      hmmmm I cant see image 2
      Nor me now Telegram is broken
      Images now uploaded for viewing šŸ™‚

  2. ian says:

    Loved it S’. I’m slightly different from Pete, in that I loved mr Zimmerman. I bought The Times They are a Changing album when I was 16 I think, working as an apprentice machanic, on Austin A35s Minis and Hillman imps etc. You couldn’t see somedays in the garage for asbestos laden brake dust, blown out by airlines. It was ok in those days though, as it wasn’t harmful yet. I agree that much of Dylan’s work was written for him, but I dislike MM, I find his style doesn’t suit me, and I get annoyed at him. I love the guru guy, and have sadly never encountered him before. If only I had a friend, I could annoy him by sending him the links.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      “I love the guru guy, and have sadly never encountered him before. If only I had a friend, I could annoy him by sending him the links”

      Ha, ha, ha!

      You’ve got at least one friend Ian, me. Even if you’ve never met him face to face ;-))

    • sovereigntea says:

      In my youf my favourite was “aint gonna work on Maggie’s farm” I related this to the old witch Thatcher at the time whilst doing me paper round LOL.

      I too recall blowing out the brake drums with an airline and drilling through the asbestos firewall to fit radio cables on my Ā£110 positive earth 1967 Wolesely 1100 with twin carbs and the optional extra of heater carpet and a chrome plated handbrake. I once took it to 90mph and the tread separated from the crossply remould tyres LOL.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Yes sov, it was an excellent track and it triggered me about Thatch later. It was from “Bringing it all back home” in 1965, well before she wielded her wrecking ball

        Lovely Wolsey too, 90mph and goosed tyres, lol indeed!

        My first car was the Morris version of that Wolsey. 90mph was impossible in the Morris I’m pleased to say. But it served me well, I had a couple of long, summer, continental jaunts in it in the early/mid seventies. It never let me down

      • ian says:

        Yes Maggie’s farm indeed, loved those times. Radio Caroline with the Dubliners too. I had a Mini with a piece of cardboard over the hole in the floor, til I got a better one. I remember my first radial tyres, they were Semperit. I’m all of a glow now, basking in the past. Loved it.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          “Iā€™m all of a glow now, basking in the past. Loved it.” lol

          Me too Ian. It’s difficult to describe to a youngster just how far our society has fallen isn’t it. Those days were so optimistic and wholesome compared to now

        • sovereigntea says:

          One winter I drove around for a month with 1″ 1/2 of solid ice on the floor. Ironically this stopped the usual draughts from the many rust holes. Driving through a ford at speed was also entertaining with a tsunami wave breaking somewhere behind the dashboard soaking driver and front seat passenger. The good old days šŸ™‚

          Petrol was affordable and cider was 45p a pint 20 B&H 90p

  3. Steve Kettle says:

    So we can supposedly see the Earth and the Moon from “space” but not any stars??? Makes you wonder why they put the Hubble Space telescope up there if you can’t see the stars from “space”.
    And Luna 25… looks aboffs.ut as fake as the “Moon Lander”

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes it does make you wonder Steve

      Is Luna 25 supposed to be on the moon then? Because the Earth is 4 times bigger than the Moon according to the official story

      So if that pic is taken from the moon then, the Earth should be 4 times bigger than the Moon looks to us from the Earth shouldn’t it. But it looks tiny

      That was the big flaw with the obviously fake “Earthrise” photo taken from the moon during the Apollo BS. The Earth looked too small, it should have been massive

      • sovereigntea says:

        Its reported as being on the way to the moon although travelling much faster than the Indian moon lander which is also reported still on the way.

        Stoneage tech compared with what exists that we are not allowed to know about grrrrrrrrrrr

  4. John says:

    Only those who can go up high can discover the truth about where we are. Governments, NASA, major institutions, rich people and the like can go up and they are never going to tell you what they see from up high. Maybe it is time to crowd fund an independent project be that a rocket, balloon or space plane and find out for ourselves what shape and true size the earth is. All the time people are arguing over it being round or flat they’re getting nowhere and whatever the shape we’re all stuck here.

    For a different viewpoint and some interesting ideas have a look at the Vibes of Cosmos YouTube channel:


    • Steve Kettle says:

      If it was as they tell us John it would have ben very easy to provide proof. We have footage from balloons at 120,000ft showing a flat horizon, why all the fakery?

      • John says:

        That’s the 64 thousand dollar question Steve and maybe we’ll never know the answer. My own view is they are hiding the fact that the part we inhabit and call Earth is just a small cordoned off part of a greater body. I would say The Trueman Show is putting that right in front of our eyes and it fails to register with most people. The big problem is you can’t tackle this subject without falling out with someone.

        This image is interesting. Is it real or fake? I have no idea but it’s food for stimulation:

      • ian says:

        How do you know that the balloon footage isn’t fake, and produced by those with a vested interest in discrediting internet researchers. If you can tell me how the flat earth system works Stevie, as opposed to just saying we live on a flat earth, we might get somewhere. Here’s just one. Why does the sun go down straight at the Equator giving a very short dusk period, but go down on a greater angle the further away from the equator you are giving longer dusk and dawn periods.?

        • John says:

          We need to remember that those in charge have unlimited funds, resources and advanced technology to aid them in any deception. Humanity albeit starting to wake up is still pretty much in it’s child like state so conning us would not be the hardest job for the controllers.

          • sovereigntea says:

            Quite possibly the flat/round bun fight is a contrived means of sowing dischord and wasting the time of many inquiring minds that might otherwise be occupied.

            Distract & Divide & Rule

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              It certainly does that sov doesn’t it

              I now try to follow Thomas Sheridan’s advice about the zeitgeist. To try to avoid any emotional commitment to it. That way you don’t go down in flames with it when it inevitably crashes and burns. As it inevitably will. Most of my old heroes have fallen now

              So best to keep your mind open to all possibilities and stay detached as possible. Easier said than done sometimes though

              • sovereigntea says:

                Good point re emotional attachment society’s manipulators rely upon it and thrive on closed minds.

            • ian says:

              Not quite right there Sov’, and no disrespect, but the Flat earth theory is the thing that is out there to capture those with little knowledge of how it all works. FE is definitely a government FF psy op.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes John, seeing it for yourself is the only way to know for certain. All images can be easily faked now. None of them can ever be trusted. The only way to know for certain is your own eyes

      So an independent project is the only way to verify. I’m too old to volunteer though. It would be a very risky venture too, because the reptiles would surely find out about it, and surely destroy it before it could report back

      They’ve got too much invested in their official stories to let us find out for certain. Most of the important stuff that we’d like to know about is occulted isn’t it. ie hidden by the reptiles with the knowledge kept to themselves

      Knowledge is power, more so than ever nowadays

      • John says:

        Correct Pete. Truth is not what you know, it’s what you can verify. Your eyes are the only true witness.

        • ian says:

          Even that’s getting more difficult John with technology able to produce fake video etc. Even blue beam .

  5. newensign says:

    Its impregnated on our mind since school with a globe always on the teacher’s desk. Of course when one says flat earth, people envision lots of discs in space, but in fact we are on a huge plain with craters, the earth being one, covered with a dome and is solid as per scripture and solid like a planetarium with lights moving around the pole star in the centre, that’s why it never moves. Of course the enemy does not want one to know there is a creator but by inventing the globe theory its easier to fool people that everything that is here happened by accident! Whether globe or flat no one has a full understanding of the nature of the universe, so we shouldn’t be falling out over it, as that is just what the enemy wants! I have nothing against those that have different views.

  6. Gordon says:

    Look at John’s posted image and read Job:38.

  7. John says:

    This is also very worth watching IMO. I doubt if everything is true but I believe a lot is.


    • Gordon says:

      Thanks for the link John, much of which is referred to in The Book of Enoch. Very interesting!