Bring The Noise!

This is the slogan of vaccine-injured Scotsman John Watt. He has his own artwork graphic, but I knocked up my own version. Bring The Noise is worth a post.

John Watt and his vax damaged friend Alex Mitchell are as yet to be properly addressed by any covid1984 enquiry.

John explains how they attended the Scottish Covid1984 enquiry, but were avoided by the legacy media:

This is John talking to Mark Steyn before GB News cancelled Steyn’s show:

My MP Herr Gruppenführer #Midazolam Matt Handycock, not only had a snog and a grope with his then assistant and mother of three while instructing the rest of us to engage in socialist distancing, but he later went on to eat animal penis in the jungle for £300K on top of his MP salary:
‘Matt Hancock eating kangaroo penis is no laughing matter,’ Peta warns I’m A Celebrity viewers ahead of launch on Sunday:

How much vaccine injury compensation did Alex Mitchell receive for losing his leg and, therefore, his job? I believe £120K. The irony; Alex probably took the jab to keep his job. Alex even gets called an ‘antivaxxer’.
Alex Mitchell And His Fight For Vaccine-Induced Thrombocytopenia Sufferers:
Victims of AstraZeneca: Alex Mitchell:

Luke Evans told MP Herr Gruppenführer #Midazolam Matt Handycock:
“A good death needs equipment, medication & staff to administer it…”

Should YouTube remove the above video, here’s a BitChute link:

Should you go to, you may be able to access Matt’s account. I am unable to. It get this message:
’You’re blocked.
You can’t follow or see @MattHancock’s Tweets’

I’ve been blocked by Matt for several years, way before covid1984. Matt was the UK Health Secretary and believed the future of health was a mobile phone app. I suspect he still does. I would never trust Matt with my health and when he told the nation to ‘stay at home’, I was staggered the public actually did.

Isabel Oakeshott, the ghostwriter for Hancock’s book, says about the allegations of a euthanasia policy including the use of Midazolam:
’None, because it wasn’t a thing. I’ve seen zero evidence whatsoever. This is a very silly conspiracy theory that undermines much more legitimate concerns’

Abi Roberts, comedian, has published her view of Isabel. Warning: Abi uses colourful language…
James Delingpole states in his article,
‘There is nothing our corrupt, mendacious and hopelessly compromised political class would like more than for you to think that Covid was all about cock-up not, conspiracy. That’s why the clownish Matt Hancock makes such a convenient fall guy. No one takes him seriously – especially not after his appearance on a TV game show, which was no doubt planned as part of the strategy. The quid pro quo for Hancock’s agreeing to play the sacrificial lamb, I would guess, is that the story is focused on his bumbling incompetence rather than on his role as Midazolam Matt, serial killer of the elderly.’
The Hancock Files – no scoop, just propaganda

I’ll leave you with the BBC’s Disinformation Correspondent, niece of Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout, BBC Bunny Marijuanna Spring…

As it states on Alex’s T-shirt, in reference to The Who track,
‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

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