BlackRock Business Model

Poor Ukraine; under the cosh from nasty Russians and Vlad the Bio-Lab Slayer, is to be given a life-line by cuddly, lovely and all saintly BlackRock. Hallelujah!

This is them: When trouble hits and devastation is abound, BlackRock go in, buy up and become the archangels of resurrection. Their specialties might include neighbourhoods of post-covid1984 lockdown economic bankruptcy or post-wildfire desecration or war torn countries that require investment and restructure. CEO Larry Fink & co. are all heart; if there’s nothing left but blackened scorched earth, then it’s ripe for BlackRock to rock-up, acquire and rebuild in their own image.

BlackRock loves you; loves your land, your money, your soul and your energy to feast upon for all eternity. Indeed, BlackRock to save the world from being flat, triangular or square.

The scene of BlackRock salvation may require a little planning and pre-production. For example, among Ukraine’s saving graces are Chrystia Freeland and Victoria Nuland, both the personification of beauty and purity. Of course, when there are those who bravely step in to fight for freedom and democracy, they may risk name calling and slanderous accusation. It is alleged that Freeland’s Ukrainian grandfather Michael Chomiak had ties to the Nazis, but I have no doubt BBC’s Disinformation Correspondent Bunny Marijuanna Spring would debunk that in an instant. As for Nuland’s family ties to Ukraine, I’m sure they do not influence her professional approach to the job at hand in any way, shape or form. When Victoria Nuland, as US-Assistant Secretary of State for €uropean and €urasian Affairs, said to US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt, ‘Fuck the €U’, obviously that was merely a light hearted turn of phrase.

Both these ladies of elegance, peace, poise and diplomacy par excellence, have helped pave the way for BlackRock to join the fray and tidy up proxy war loose ends. Carbon zero energy requirements, transgender diversity nationwide and liberation from the Russian Orthodox Church and the invasive Russian language which threatens Ukraine’s cultural heritage, will eventually be installed by uniparty ambassadors. ‘elensky without the terrible ‘Z’ is probably hard at work building relationships as I type:
While Ukrainians die on frontlines, Zelensky is lobbying US financial firms

There are others connected to BlackRock currently doing the rounds of ‘new media’ such as ex-BlackRock employee Edward Dowd:
Ed runs a website: and has published a book titled Cause Unknown:
Ed is adamant his data analysis is accurate, but we still await the legacy media seal of approval. However well intentioned Ed Dowd may be, remember New Zealand’s equine Premier Jacinda so astutely re-focused us upon single source truth.

BlackRock reminds me of Brighton Rock, a novel we were tasked to read for English class at school, and of course, it’s a stick of confectionery. Today, Brighton is the home of a BBC favourite, eco-fascist ex-Green Party MP Caroline Mucus while the Rock is prefixed with Black, a global business model and a story unfolding day by day. Ah Ms. Mucus, such a sweet, sustainably open minded and warm hearted individual. I recall…

Talking of BlackRock and business opportunity, how is BRICS going? Ssshhh! Hush your mouth. BRICS is destined to fail. As Ursula von der Krazy would say, like the Russian economy, BRICS will also be in tatters clinging to washing machine chips for help.

Watch this space, because there’s plenty more to come from pantomime cartoon clown world, very very soon.

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12 Responses to “BlackRock Business Model”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    With friends like these then, who needs enemies?

    Excellent piece again Ned

    Quite a few reptiles on show there. You left out the reptilian features on Charlie “sausage fingers” 3 and Donny Fart though. They both look more like village idiots, which I suppose is fair enough. Jackie “jab-em-all” is clearly a horse and they ain’t reptilian are they, so fair enough with her too

    Btw, your Order of the Garter for Jackie jab em All prompted me to look up the current members of Orders of the Garter. They are comprised of:

    Brit royals
    Other monarchs [Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Holland, Japan, Norway]. That’s a very revealing list hey

    18 others too. And who should I find at number 16 but Tony effin Bliar! Who was appointed in 2022 it seems. I missed that
    Plus at 17 Baroness Ashton and at 15 Baroness Amos. So 3 “Labour” pols who never did a days labour in their lives

    Finally at 18 Chris “lard arse” Patten. So 4 total wrong ‘uns as the most recent members, see link

    • NPP says:

      Quite a night last night. Plane explosion, GOP debate, Tucker Trump, BRICS

      Today continues…
      Niggas For Trump.
      It makes my ‘imaginary’ artwork look tame & passé compared to real life.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        BRICS is the really interesting one for me Ned. The others are just business as usual. But BRICS is the game changer

        I saw this behind an independent’s paywall so I won’t attribute or link:

        “The BRICS conference that is currently underway in Johannesburg has already produced some stunning revelations. One is that the share of trade between existing BRICS members still transacted using the US dollar has fallen below a third; the other is that no less than 40 countries are at some stage of joining BRICS

        These are, of course, very positive developments, but much work lies ahead. On the agenda is the task of replacing the US dollar as the yardstick everyone uses to price commodities and other products and to choose some neutral notional unit that is unaffected by exchange rates, which are subject to political manipulation: when a country does something that the Washingtonians don’t like, its currency promptly crashes. Prices of products priced in the new notional unit would be subject to supply, demand, energy and labor content and other such real world considerations, not the whims of currency speculators.
        Another key feature of the notional unit that sets it apart from the US dollar is that it can be neither lent nor borrowed. It is simply a pricing mechanism. Yet another is that there are no exchange rates between it and national currencies that speculators can manipulate — since there is nothing to exchange — and each country is free to price its national currency in notional units as it wishes, with the goal of maintaining a zero trade balance. Obviously, any trade balance that does develop, be it positive or negative, would have to be covered by an exchange of gold or, where the situation calls for special consideration, be deferred or forgiven

        Much of the discussion in Western press does not even touch on such matters but is instead focused on the question of

        What shall be the new reserve currency?

        This, of course, begs the question,
        Why should there be a reserve currency?
        which is likewise ignored

        Five-plus centuries of Western imperialism have taught people in the West to think that there has to be a top dog: if it isn’t Spain, then it’s Britain and if it isn’t Britain, then it is the US. Naturally, they think that the new top dog is going to be China, ignoring the fact that China has no interest in stepping into any sort of imperial role. But if countries treat each other as equals (as both current and future BRICS members would very much like to do) then there is no reason for one country to hold vast quantities of another country’s currency in reserve, especially when such reserves

        1. are supported by a mountain of US federal debt which there are no plans to ever repay and

        2. can be confiscated at any moment without notice if a country doesn’t follow Washington’s dictates.

        But the most important question is this: With BRICS soon to account for a lion’s share of the planet’s economy, productive capacity and physical resources, where will that leave the West? The US and the EU run trade deficits that add around a trillion dollars per year. Until the present time, this deficit was papered over with sovereign debt, by forcing trading partners to buy US and EU-issued debt instruments. But with the US dollar (and its poor cousin the Euro) no longer being needed for international trade, how is that trade deficit going to be financed? In the absence of debt-financed foreign trade, both the US and the EU, along with their constituent states and countries, would swiftly collapse economically and politically.

        This will happen eventually, but in the shorter term the task before BRICS is in organizing a smooth transition to a point where both the US and the EU have been rendered too feeble to cause significant damage. Perhaps that will be the main topic of discussion at the next BRICS summit, to be held in the beautiful and thoroughly modern city of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, in October of next year. For now, the organization has its hands full with defining the new notional unit to replace the US dollar as the yardstick and with accepting new members.”

        The west is doomed it seems, eventually

        • NPP says:

          I haven’t checked.
          Is the ‘modern city of Kazan’ anything to do with Kazaria?

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            No it’s 800k east of Moscow
            I’d never heard of it either

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        I didn’t watch Tucker/Trump but I’m reading that none of the following were mentioned by Tucker, or asked of Trump:

        Covid scamdemic
        Trumps warp speed promotion of the vaxx
        The January 6 BS
        RFK Jr candidacy
        RFK Jr comments about CIA killing his uncle
        Why Trump didn’t release JFK documents when President when he had the power to

        Also that Trump said Epstein’s death was real and that went unchallenged by Tuck

        Doesn’t sound too hard hitting then

        • NPP says:

          Are you seeking perfection? You may be disappointed.
          We vote for the lesser of two evils I guess. It’s life.


          He is better than Biden, Hillary, Obama etc. and he is entertaining. He ordered Soleimani’s execution’ which alone should be a crime, yet he did not initiate a new war. His inaugural press conference was so funny. It is show business for ugly people.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            Perfection? Don’t be silly Ned, that is never going to happen is it. But I would like a dose of reality now and again. And this US “election” clown show is a long way from that

            Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden are just cartoon characters to distract from reality. This is particularly clear now with Dementia Joe. The fact that they talking about selecting him again next year says it all

            I agree that there is some entertainment value with circus clowns but…..

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              Beeb headline now:

              Mugshot? Where is the text, date and scale? Clown world indeed

              • NPP says:

                I don’t know.
                But, great mugshot!

                I once had to read Shakespeare at school. God, it was brilliantly boring. Apparently, all the world’s a stage…. especially so when people insist a missile hit the Pentagon & therefore, negate ties to the passengers, hijackers & links to the perpetrator’s of what was an inside job..
                I jest.
                Of course I’m silly & aspire to perfection. I manage disappointment too.

                On with the day!

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:


                  Btw, it’s not a mugshot, it’s a cartoon pantomime villain shot! The things that the cretins at the beeb expect us to believe

  2. NPP says:

    It is the official mugshot on ‘X’.
    He did go Fulton Country.
    He has been bailed.
    There are a dozen or so mugshots of co-defendants.
    Clown world continuum!
    Gotta laugh!