All Fire Is Climate Change

We used to have bonfires in the village. They are very rare now. This is how acquiescing people are to the carbon cult.

Any time there is a fire, whether California, Canada or the Moon, the BBC are blaming climate change. I made it up about the Moon, but clown world could provide such a scenario.

A friend, a man I held in high regard, once became agitated with me because I was so dismissive of Grotty Thunderberg. “What did you do to help save the planet at 16?” he asked me in a shouty manner!
I couldn’t believe he’d bought into this stupid little girl. The day I saw a video of UN ambassadors standing on tip-toe to record her on their ‘Smart’ phones, I thought uh oh, we are in trouble. I do not know if it was this exact video, but it’ll do for now…

These UN ambassadors, presumably all on decent salaries and expenses, believe this codswallop and help drive policy. Today, that idiot mindset infects local councils up and down England as they push forward a carbon zero climate emergency agendas e.g.
I wonder how many of these councillors realise it is literally Agenda2030?

I have written twice to 5 local councillors and the Head Mistress of my old Upper School urging them to cease implementing and teaching carbon zero climate change agenda falsehoods. I’ve had a net zero response thus far. I use the binary gender term Mistress deliberately; to irritate the LBGTabcxyzPQCIA cultural Marxist moron mob. I remember when Jeremy Corbyn welcomed Grotty Thnderberg while his brother Piers referred to her as retarded and categorised it as ‘mental abuse by manipulative adults’. It made me smile.

It seems humans, not climate change global warming, are starting fires in various countries. Canada? Tenerife? Maui? A friend on Gran Canaria informed me,

“Tenerife has had some nasty fires in the forested mountain area, very sad to see the beautiful trees aflame. Here, nothing out of the ordinary in the mountains as far as I know. We travelled around the island by car last month, the countryside is stunning, completely different to the tourist-filled southern coastal areas, and we witnessed evidence of past fires, blackened spikes which once were trees. One wonders whether they start by natural combustion or a careless human.”

The recent spate of fires drive ideas of ‘energy weapon’ technology, which I suspect is nonsense. There may be ‘direct energy technology’, but I suspect in these cases, it’s simply human arsonists and poor and or deliberate land mismanagement. It may be driving land grabs; the rich & powerful buying up the devastated land. It seems there are plans afoot for ‘Smart City’ type transformation of places such as Tenerife:
This was reported on by the UK Column 18 August:

Another friend sent through these links about the devastation on Maui:
4 mins in, police blocked exit from fire:

1 min 30 secs see burned cars that were trapped:

So, real, proper coal is banned for domestic use in the UK. I have heard there are bonfire licenses now, which is absurd. There is policy to abolish all combustion engines in favour of electric vehicles. 20mph speed limits are being imposed upon urban drivers nationwide, in the name of clean air. Clean air my arse. It’s Agenda2030 aiming at total surveillance and control.

I trust people will decline to comply. It’s not a climate emergency, it’s Communism and in the clown world of the carbon cult, the trees will be liquid. This is an illustration of a real Liquid Tree in Serbia. As the Phookin’ Bird says, phookin’ hell!

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18 Responses to “All Fire Is Climate Change”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Great work again Ned!!

    When I was a kid, between about 6 and 12 years old then, the annual event that I was most committed to was Bonfire Night, 5 November. Our big event of the year

    We used to spend literally months building a massive bonfire. Which was at least 15 or 20 times my height. No adults involved and WE controlled the whole event, construction, ignition and aftermath

    The embers burned for days afterwards, helped by our small scale feeding of the fire. The weather was the determining factor, if it peed down it was over. The final ash pile was very large

    We all had our own fireworks too and we would invite the parents down to set off theirs. But WE kids were in charge on the night, it was OUR bonfire, no adults intervened

    Imagine that now, its impossible!!
    Elf and safety
    Laws and regulations
    Greta says no etc etc

    Admittedly Bonfire Night was risky, there were usually some deaths in the country somewhere. Hardly surprising given the sheer number of local “bonnies” as we urchins called them. Our parents viewed it as a fair risk, the odds were very small

    Here is a picture of me, my bro and our friend David. I am the tall one, about 5 or 6 years old

    Wonderful days. We had nothing but we were free as birds. Those were our “playing out” clothes. We also had our “best” and our “school uniform”. That was it

    • ian says:

      Great comment Pete, and as you say, that’s how it was. One year it poured down and we got some petrol to light it, dangerous at the best of times, but it was soon roaring. Then to everyone’s surprise a steaming, or smoking cat bolted from the bottom. Ah those were the days.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        That’s triggered my memory Ian, thanks

        The older lads were in charge, not the 6 year old urchins. They decided the agenda. So by the time that I was 12 then, my peers and I made the all decisions

        I’d forgotten about petrol on a wet November 5th. In those days nobodies car had a locking petrol cap they all just screwed in. So to make a Molotov cocktail all you needed was a car, a milk bottle, an old rag and a rubber tube

        Tube into the tank, suck on the tube, put it into the bottle lower down than the tank and, hey presto, you had a Molotov. Worked a treat in igniting a wet bonnie

        We didn’t need it often, but a wet November 5 was NOT gonna stop us having fun

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          We were smart kids, no parent ever caught us doing that. So nobody was the wiser :-))

          • NPP says:

            Yes, ‘those were the days my friend’… written pillock McCartney.
            My brother & I would go off & Mum & Dad never worried. I don’t think it’s the same today.

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              Yes Ned, that’s exactly what my missus sang when she read my post! Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end….

              It was sung by a demure young Welsh lass called Mary Hopkin who subsequently signed for Beatles Apple label and later married Tony Visconti

              The fraudulent gobshite Paul Macca is said to have written it for her

              There were 2 Pauls in those days. The original Paul ,and Macca, the fake gobshite “Paul”. Hisz real name is uncertain but he is called Faul here, ie. Fake Paul. That name suits him


              As they aged they grew less alike so Macca/Faul kept his job. Paul retired

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                Loads more Gobshite Faul here


              • NPP says:

                I edited & deleted some of this comment, for the record; I removed some personal detail.

                The day he equated climate change deniers with holy cause deniers on BBC R4 Today was the end for me; though I’d become increasingly disillusioned with him before that. I once adored The Beat-less.
                I did BA (Hons) Architecture. My tutor was Hopkins’ manager.

                I don’t really do the ‘dead Paul’ stuff. Is Biden a clone? Who’s a woman or man? Do I care? It’s like reading smut in the tabloids. There’s little I can do about it and I’d rather stick to as real, on the ground facts as possible. Sure, pondering & wondering about rabbit holes can be fun & amusing.

                The bottom line, McCartney is a huge disappointment. He pushed the jab, supports Ukraine, is an eco-fascist. Biden is a disgrace. So many of our ‘leaders’ & celebs are awful, but just now we can’t buy coal & the carbon zero policy hits us at home in real, on the ground time.

                I’ve dabbled in The Tavistock Institute material, MK Ultra, how crap rap has been used to engineer degeneracy. It does give an insight into how apparently easily the public are fooled, brainwashed, manipulated. Covid1984 demonstrated that perfectly.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  Paul is dead was nonsense. The Tavistock stuff is intriguing Those links I gave are not Paul is dead, they are more Paul is an actor and not what he seems
                  Yes a rabbit hole for sure. But still fun to explore nonetheless. The Beatles back story is ridiculous, pure nonsense. Ask yourself this, did 4 working class teenage scouser rockers write all those early love songs? Do me a favour, that is ridiculous

                • NPP says:

                  Re: did 4 working class teenage scouser rockers write all those early love songs?

                  Could have done. We just don’t know. I did know the man who told Paul to make Mull of Kintyre the A side.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  Off the top of my head

                  Please please me
                  Love me do
                  I want to hold your hand
                  I saw her standing there
                  PS i love you
                  All my loving
                  Hold me tight
                  I wanna be your man

                  I grew up surrounded by young scousers in the ‘60’s Ned. They were tough kids, very tough. Snot nosed, under nourished, pinch faced, hard cases who took no prisoners. Liverpool was a very tough place in those days, it was notorious. It hadn’t even been restored after aWW2, there were “bomb sites” all over the city. Love songs were not on their agenda believe me

                  Yet we are expected to believe that 4 such lads in their teens, early twenties wrote all the above and more! Doesn’t pass my smell test, I don’t buy it

                • NPP says:

                  Frank Sinatra was an Italian American little boy who grew up around street life.
                  Louis Armstrong.
                  Ray Charles.
                  So many examples… they wrote and or performed beautiful music.
                  Beethoven was apparently a smelly sod, yet…
                  Mozart was composing as a child.
                  Humans do produce remarkable creation.
                  I don’t know, but 4 snotty kids from Liverpool could have.

            • ian says:

              Those were the days my friend was a Russian folk song.

              • NPP says:

                It would not surprise me in the least.
                I thought it was a McCartney tune.
                McCartney clings to copyright.
                I deem copyright & patents debilitating to progress; health’ energy etc.
                I’ll do a Substack/TAP on Copyright.
                My business card has long stated:
                Ideas Are Shared, Not Owned.

    • NPP says:

      What a photo!
      I miss the days of bonfires.
      I loathe today’s bonfire phobia.

  2. ian says:

    We can argue on some stuff Ned, but I 100% agree on this, great post. Well said.

    • NPP says:

      Thank you.
      Not arguing.
      There was a bloody great plane sized hole in the Pentagon; just not the smaller hole shown by Loose Change & co.