Where Is Gonzalo Lira?

Where is Tiffany Dover? Where is Gonzalo Lira? Gonzalo would ask about the nurse who submitted to a covid1984 jab live on stage and then collapsed. She allegedly made a reappearance many months later, though Gonzalo Lira was not convinced it was Tiffany Dover. Gonzalo has been a film maker and is experienced in visual imagery and people observation.
‘To be clear, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Armstrong walked on the moon, Elvis is dead, and Paul is alive. But the Tiffany Dover situation is absurd. It’s clearly not her—but they’re insisting that it is.’

Today Gonzalo is apparently locked up in ‘free and democratic’ Ukraine, a cause local UK Parish News magazines have supported with reports on local fund raising raising events for the Ukrainian plight in ‘defending’ itself against big bad Putin and the terrible Russians. My tongue is in my cheek, and even more deeply so as I wonder if the BBC’s Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent Marijuanna Spring might ‘investigate’ this case, just as she might give some coverage to Julian Assange, similarly locked up in the ‘free and democratic’ UK.  However, Grotty Thunderberg the Climate Elf of Doom & Gloom has visited ‘elenskyy (avoid the Z), so perhaps she asked about Gonzalo; or do you think I’m clutching straws?


Tucker Carlson has mentioned Gonzalo Lıra.
‘Just last month Zelenskyy threw a man called Gonzalo Lira into prison indefinitely.’


Max Blumenthal has also mentioned Gonzalo Lira during his address to the UN Security Council as he asked of the bottomless pit of financial and hardware support for Ukraine, ‘Why are we doing this?’


Max Blumenthal addresses UN Security Council on Ukraine aid


This is for Shrunken Sunak, Bollox Johnson, Blockhead Starmer, Sniffer Biden, Lindsey In The Closet Graham et al…





5 Responses to “Where Is Gonzalo Lira?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Great post Ned. The worry is that the same dark forces are trying to take control of the Russian war effort as have been running Ukraine. The FSB is imposing a reign of terror threatening to eliminate the patriots. Have you seen the movie Valkyrie? You might then be able to visualise how the cabal takes control of wars and decides who the winner will be by orchestrating failure deliberately in the side that has been chosen to fail. All nations are destroyed by war. Some intelligent and brave individuals can see what is occurring and try to stop it, but the forces of darkness seem to be able to eliminate all who stand in their way, using the intelligence services in all countries to follow a script. Countries are potential points of resistance to world government and to the end of human freedom. The banking cabal wants them all destroyed – including Russia.

  2. NPP says:

    Thank you.
    I rarely watch films. My last film was 5th Element c.1996; doubled for Luke Perry & my hands drew the monsters entering the scene. I came to loathe films; I saw the nonsense involved.

    … starring Tom Cruise. Operation Valkyrie, Supporting cast includes Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Eddie Izzard… no thanks.

    I worked on Branagh’s Frankenstein.

    There are dark forces all about. France looks particularly dark just now.

    France burns.
    Macron goes to Elton John gig.
    Vive l’immigration de masse.
    Oh là là.

    May as well get drunk & conclude c’est la vie…. except, I trust the light will out the dark.

    • Tapestry says:

      I never watch movies or rarely. The point is not entertainment. It’s hard to watch, but it explains what happens when the Satanists crush the patriots. That was in Germany in WW2. Today the same could be happening in Russia inter alia. Farage? He looks tired of it all. As required.

  3. ian says:

    The new lady is not Tiffany Dover, and there is absolutely no reason that, had she been fine, she couldn’t have appeared in her nurses uniform and said hey I’m fine. Trouble is, it’ll work for the hard of thinking.

  4. NPP says:

    It seems Tucker Carlson has gone to meet Andrew Tate.