Doing A Laurence Fox

Moment Laurence Fox burns ‘LGBTQ+’ bunting in his garden on Father’s Day as he launches furious rant that ‘the new cult flag has nothing to do with the original Pride movement’

‘What kind of society have we created where teachers need to undertake a risk assessment to take pupils to a local park, but where a drag queen wearing a dildo is invited into a library to teach preschool children.’

I spent several years proposing the Istanbul Bosphorus Rainbow Bridge project to the Turkish authorities. There are 7 concrete panels underneath the Bosphorus bridge and I thought why not paint them the 7 colours of the peaceful rainbow instead of grey to create the longest artwork in the world stretching between 2 continents. The biblical ark, rainbow and dove story is said to have originated from Mount Ararat in eastern Türkiye. I spent considerable time and money on the project. The chemical company BASF offered to supply the paint and necessary consultation to implement the project. It was ultimately denied by the Erdoğan government partly because of the ‘San Francisco’ imagery. At the time my attitude was to welcome the ‘pink pound’ and soften Türkiye’s rather hard and sometimes macho image. Today I am almost relieved the project was denied because now I know it would have been hijacked by LBGTQPabcxyz cultural Marxist anal cult.

Art critic Brian Sewell is a much missed friend. I joke that his memoirs could have been called ‘Brian Gets Buggered’. I do not share his private peccadillo inclinations, but I adored him; an absolutely unique one-off. Brian had no time for gay marriage nor the LBGT movement. I refer to him as a ‘proper poof’.
“Your rainbow bridge idea seems admirable and well worth the effort of offering support – imagine, if nothing else, the heads of tourists turning as the ferries pass under it, obediently and in unison.”
Brian Sewell, London Evening Standard art critic, 12 January 2004

Brian Sewell talking about Anthony Blunt…




One Response to “Doing A Laurence Fox”

  1. ian says:

    The anus may not be a sex organ to most folks, but apparently it is in primary schools. I find it all pretty difficult to deal with. Doctors kill us cause the Boss says.
    Primary school teachers teach innocent kids about cunnilingus and blow jobs etc, cause the boss says. Are these “people, not the adjective I initially chose”, idiots. I wouldn’t have went out in the rain for the boss. RETARDS.