Translation from Russian blogger…explosive on Wagner. Gerasimov a gonner.

Daria Mitina: “What is the main news of today (for those in the tank – Peskov’s message about some details of the presidential schedule on June 29)?

Firstly, that the events of two weeks ago were not any “mutiny”, “putsch”, “coup attempt” and all the shit that was shat on this account on state channels was simply flushed down the toilet by this meeting (a subtle hint to those who have not yet figured out the chip and continues to defecate from all functional holes – it’s time to plug the holes slowly). The victorious side does not meet with the rebels in the Kremlin. The rebels are usually met by investigators and interrogators, in completely different interiors.

Secondly, the fact that in 12 days the information about the meeting has not leaked to the public suggests that all our super-competent and arch-consecrated telegram-Kremlinologists are sitting up to their ears in shit and don’t even move their legs.

Thirdly, since what was discussed at the meeting (“The President gave an assessment of the company’s actions at the front during his …..and offered…. further employment options”) is somewhat different from what has been discussed in the official media and on state channels for all these half a month, it is quite obvious that the Russian authorities absolutely do not care what the average sucker is fed, and it is absolutely purple, as in general everything that pours into the public space correlates with reality.

Think about it whenever you try to understand and explain what you have seen and heard.”

via Russell Bentley

Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces V. Gerasimov, who had disappeared from radar since June 24, was written off. And it’s not just that his resignation was part of the agreement on 24.06. In general, he has long ceased to evoke positive emotions among the near-Kremlin hangouts. Vladimir Solovyov, in the correspondence with Rogozin opened by the Ukrainians, spoke on Gerasimov in no uncertain terms: “he certainly cannot and does not want to decide anything.” But its main puncture became 23.06, when he got scared and ordered the helicopters to be the first to attack the column of “Wagners”, which began to move towards Rostov, where he himself was sitting, and from where he escaped. So it still remains unknown whether there was a missile attack on the camps of PMC “Wagner” on 23.06.

Apart from Prigozhin’s video, in which they saw the elements of the production, there was no photo or video of documentary evidence, and now it probably won’t appear. But there are witnesses to the attack from helicopters on the evening of June 23, including during the passage of the checkpoint, and they leaked into the nets and the cart. That is, the Ministry of Defense and specifically Gerasimov was the first to open fire. And it seems like this team was then canceled by the President. But the “Wagner” shells have already begun to shoot down the turntables and everything is spinning … Thus, the first switchman, to whom in any case all the causes and consequences of 24.06 (and the entire NWO) will be attributed, is already there. And, apparently, the information about his resignation will be the first in a series of upcoming reshuffles at the top. @visioner_rf

(12) Red List 29 – Not a Mutiny But a March W/ Russell Bentley (

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