The French Boo Putin Via Macron

The most trusted news platform in the whole wide world, the BBCarbon zero daily update service, report that French President Macron took the rôle of conduit on Bastille Day allowing his subjects to use him as a catalyst as they booed and sent a message to Russia’s evil President Putin. Macron absorbed the boos as the crowd vented defiance toward the Russian dictator.

He pushed out his firm chest, pulled up his stockings, put on his red shoes, danced les blues while holding his beloved baguette and declared solidarité with his people. No doubt Putin was left quaking in his boots as the mighty Macron stood aloft channeling his people’s ire toward the Russians and giving us all his very best rendition of Napoleon.

It was pointed out by a spokesperson for the mighty Macron, that the entire affair was conducted from an open topped vehicle and no boxes were used to elevate his stature on this occasion.

Of course, as the BBC reminds us, there are those within the disinformation sphere who spread a false narrative about brave little independent Ukraine and interpreted the scene differently, actually suggesting it was Macron being booed. We, the democratic beacons of democracy and freedom know in our hearts the authenticity and courage of the much loved Emmanuelle. He is expected to release his latest cinematic master piece very soon, which is rumoured to include a beautifully shot scene touching upon the erotic with his sensationally gorgeous wife whom he met at jardin d’enfants and has been steadfastly by his side ever since. Oh, mon amour, oh là là. We can hardly wait.

French President Emmanuel Macron is roundly booed while waving to Bastille Day crowds from a military car along Champs-Elysees weeks after riots rocked the country


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8 Responses to “The French Boo Putin Via Macron”

  1. ian says:

    Great post again Ned. Macaroni is lucky just to get boos, with so many good quality lamp posts around.

  2. NPP says:

    Now now. Macron might interpret that as hate speech / thought crime…. though I do wonder at one point the public might reach lamp post at an option stage.

    He’s ghastly. My best friend backed him over Le Penn. Unfathomable.

  3. FritzFreud says:

    On Bastille Day it should be the End of Macron via the Guillotine.
    Along with his Aristocratic Friends, the Rothchilds and the WEF.

    • NPP says:

      He’s vile, Macron.

      But, Thetford’s Thomas Paine lobbied NOT to execute King Louis XVI…

      If Louis were executed, Paine argues, there would be nothing to prevent the king’s brothers, Louis-Stanislas-Xavier, comte de Provence (later King Louis XVIII), and Charles, comte d’Artois (later King Charles X), from ascending the throne, thus perpetuating the system of monarchy in France. He also opposed capital punishment as a vestige of the corruption of monarchy and preferred exile as a way for France to “purger son territoire de rois, sans le souiller de leur sang impur” (p. 6.). According to Paine, the United States would be an ideal location for Louis XVI’s exile, during which Louis would learn that democracy is the true system of government…

      i.e. cease the pattern of murder.

      Paine lost the vote by 1 I believe & off came the King’s head.

      Blair is an example. Rather than execution, put him in Assange’s cell & release Assange.

      Having said that, execution & death might be the best deterrent.

      • FritzFreud says:

        Anyone connected with the Rothchilds is vile.
        Absolutely agree with your statement… it is all a clownshow.
        But what they are working on is worse.
        AI warfare using Starlink and Neurological weapons.
        I wish I could make a difference.
        And yes they are a Death Cult… and the Guillotine seems the only solution.

        • NPP says:

          It’s difficult to argue against.

          ‘They’, the WEF, banking moguls et al want to control us to the point of slavery? Perhaps the only solution is to severe the snake’s head, literally.

          At least put Miss Lindsey ‘to the last Ukrainan’ Graham on the frontline.

  4. danceaway says:

    Love this, Ned. You are a master of sarcasm and wit.