Necon Artificial Intellect

Do you know what it is?

It’s not AI nor ChatGPT; Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. It is dried paint on 160gsm card by my own fair hand. I’m not sure whether it’s colourful and fun or school kid level crap, but it’s not artificially generated. It is good old fashioned chronicled observation by my own human eye of the real world; a sketch later painted and completed. To be or a wasp, that is the question? It’s a bee, upside down resting on a long grass stem with village buildings in the far left-hand distance. This summer I’ve seen bees, sometimes two together, resting or sleeping on the grass stems along a footpath between fields. I’ve not noticed this bee behaviour before. Usually, they are busy busy busy. I wondered if bees get ‘high’ touching and digesting pollen, frantically buzz around all day as if on Ukrainian Marching Powder, then come dusk, just flag-out, flat exhausted, hallucinating in a bee dreamland state. Somehow it symbolises the real, big wide natural world about me rather than Mark Zuckercyborg’s Metaverse virtual reality whereby you have to wear ridiculous goggles. I guess they already have technology whereby you see information displayed upon the eyeball or within the brain to provide visual optics, floating before you as if in mid-air as part of our natural field of vision.

This symbolises AI.

Alex & Alexander made me laugh, again. At 47 mins 17sec, a paid contribution from ‘Ricardo Fonzo’ says, ‘The West is already run by AI, they’re called neocons; completely artificial intellects.’

I sense that’s a poignant comment from The Duran super-chat. There is a theory that IT is an intelligent form, a deep and dark consciousness oozing its way into our lives via technology. John at TAP Blog once commented on AI, that of course it’s intelligent.

Do you have a Twitter account? I do; I follow more than follow me. Compared to e.g. @sneako, I am not popular, verging on anonymous. I have one account, @The_Duck_Test, whom I don’t know in the flesh, yet re-Tweets most everything I post and that’s about the extent of my popularity. I find Twitter useful for news; serious and light-hearted. Do you have a Threads account? No, I don’t. The founder of FaceBook, Mark Zuckercyborg, who reminds me of Data from Star Trek, has apparently created a competitor to Twitter called Threads. I trust he’s employed all the necessary ex-CIA operatives to run his new data-collecting shop of free think, free speech and open debate. While cooking supper I listened to BBC R4’s flagship 5pm programme imaginatively titled PM, gleefully report how many millions had joined within the first 24 hours. You could sense they were salivating at the possible downfall and failure of Elon Musk who is apparently now an extreme right-wing purveyor of false theories, hateful discourse and a conspiracy guru . He was the electric car guru and you’d think a darling of the eco-fascist BBCarbon zero daily alert service. I keep wanting to say electric guitar every time I go to say e-car. I digress. I’ve not even looked at Threads. It conjures up thoughts of wool and cotton, but that’s just my bygone era associations at work. I can’t keep up with every new social media platform. One or two would do, if those one or two would be free, open and uncensored. Imagine the difference to AI if the data it openly sourced were uncensored e.g. the climate, Ukraine, covid1984 were all being freely and openly discussed rather than monitored and discussion limited within acceptable parameters. I rarely carry a phone and the screen and keyboard are far too small and fiddly for my liking, so this is being typed on a good old fashioned laptop at my desk. As a footnote, Elon Musk looks over-weight and may well lose in a cage fight with Mark Zuckercyborg who I think has undergone martial arts tuition and even won competitions. Perhaps Elon should ask Andrew Tate to be his second.

I understand Threads is a near copy of Twitter, a clone, and not innovative nor likely to be particularly successful, but time will tell. It seems it’s a dud?
Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray Tweets: Zuckerberg has already lost.

I understand Zuckercyborg ‘liberated’ the FaceBook platform structure from his friends or colleagues. I haven’t looked into it nor seen the feature film about cyborg Mark. I’m not that interested. He looks like a clone, so clone social media platforms would seem appropriate. But, you’d think a billionaire could afford a little market research or even some innovative creativity, but no, apparently it’s Twitter spelt Threads.
Here’s another non-AI generated image from 2018.

When Zuckercyborg released his Metaverse concept to the world, I wasn’t enthralled. What’s the copyright situation with Mark’s Metaverse and the metaverse? Is it like Hoover and hoover? I don’t even like putting things in my ears let alone wear goggles that pretend to put me into an artificial virtual environment. Mind you, I don’t even know what an X-box looks like. I was once persuaded to play the Saving Private Ryan computer ‘game’ and it did nothing for me. Would that have been on an X-box, and I didn’t notice nor realise? I’ve just searched and it’s actually typed Xbox. I had more fun playing Space Invaders at The Marquee Club, Soho, London, before opening hours. That thing was like a piece of furniture, the size of an old pinball machine. IT, internet technology, is marvelous, but I hear concerns that AI, artificial intelligence, is going to rule our human being world eventually. I’m not so convinced. The WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari may utter scary talk about a future of biological robotic humans, but he doesn’t impress nor concern me.

It seems Mark Zuckercyborg does not innovate, but buys the ideas and products of others, exploits them and apparently very successfully so. I’m easy about using and sharing ideas. I have an innate objection to copyright and patents; I feel they debilitate the progress of health, energy, ideas and production. I lean toward the system of open source sharing, just like ChatGPT! There we go, I just closed a circle.

I hear Hollywood actors and writers are going on strike because AI and ChatGTP are ‘pinching’ their ideas to create scripts and indeed, full length feature films without the need for any human production imput. I long ago lost any fervour for Hollywood and the cinema and to hear they are going on strike is rather amusing. Does anyone care? I do still love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and My Fair Lady. This is Chitty Chitty Bang! Bang! flying over Istanbul’s Bosphorus sea strait and the Bosphorus Rainbow Bridge pre-LGBTPQabcxyz days.

Notice how automated subtitles do not always give an accurate interpretation of what is said, whether a speech by RFK Jr. or tennis commentary. I know because I’ve set-up viewing screens with subtitles for hard of hearing family members. It implies AI lacks that human touch, perception, sensitivity and intelligence.

At the tail end of the covid1984 lockdown, I paid to join Brian Rose’s London Real De-Fi Academy. Gary McKinnon, a Twitter ‘friend’, was not impressed. I still can’t connect my Metamask hot wallet to either my Ledger or Trezor cold wallets. It was lockdown, international travel suddenly looked even less inviting than before covid1984 and I decided to try something new; get with the modern times. I loathe Zoom tuition. I much prefer the in-person human touch to virtual internet tuition. Of course, it may be a generational issue and just me being a stuck in the mud in the past, but despite paying, I still can’t manage my presence within the crypto world. I’m up for de-centralised crypto and have Bitcoin in my cold wallet, but that’s all it does, stay where it is. I was so disappointed to discover Brian’s buddy ex-Navy Seal Jocko produced face nappies during covid1984 and Brain’s mentor, big tough ‘just phuckin’ do it’ Dan Pena, Tweeted exaltation to commemorate his 5 year old grandchild getting vaxxed. OK, I confess, I did add a couple of designs to my Red Bubble online shop before my account was suspended: Herr Gruppenführer #Midazolam Matt Handycock and Covid1984 is…

Another time Brian was wearing yellow and blue shirt and tie at a €uropean digital currency conference and apart from wondering why he was sporting Ukrainian colours, how had he travelled there since it was during vax-only travel times. Surely, he didn’t get the jab. He’s interviewed enough people to know better, hasn’t he? Perhaps he flew by private jet and as we are told, it’s one rule for us and another for those who can afford it. Anyway, part of the course touched upon the metaverse and how even Snoop Dog was buying real estate in the virtual real estate world. I guess if it makes money, why not, but I still don’t get it. Pretend property in a pretend world? Brian’s a rap fan. Apart from NWA Straight Outta Compton, Grand Master Flash’s The Message and Aerosmith’s Walk This Way, I’m not. I like to hear Frank Sinatra style lyric delivery. I’m revealing even further inclination to be stuck in the past. Mind you, the past can catch us up. To be or not to be, that is the… I recall a track from a Gray Moore album, one of those round vinyl things that are apparently having a revival, and I always remembered one of his tracks being called To be Or A Wasp… though, it’s slightly different on looking it up:
What Would You Rather Bee or a Wasp

I like the idea of neocons being of artificial intellect. It makes me smile. It made me laugh when I first heard it. I like the idea of light vibrational humour and joy negating low vibrational fear. I like the idea that the human spirit and condition will out over AI. Whether we are having a David Icke physical experience in a virtual waveform infinite consciousness world or are the result of God, Darwin or space dust, the busy bee and the wonders about us just seem so far more interesting, engaging and tantalising than any digital virtual experience. To see bees at rest on grass stems in our analogue world seems the near antithesis of artificial intelligence. I know sex and relationships can be messy as well as exhilarating, but I’ll take that over androgynous chipped humanoids and babies produced in pods and that seems to be where the AI psychos want to go. No thanks. ‘Beauty is the antidote to fear’, says Gerald Celente and the real world is so much more beautiful than the metaverse.

A much missed friend, Ben, once said to me that being depressed is just an excuse to behave badly and I noted Andrew Tate’s recent comments about simply choosing not to be depressed, even when in a Romanian dungeon. It is easy to forget or take for granted how precious and unique each breath and moment is. 31 January 2013, I noted in a sketch book how chainsaw artist Ben, upon seeing the sunshine through the bender windows (a bender is a hazelwood canvas construction), declared, “Oh good, think I’ll put my chainsaw clothes on and go talk to the badger.”
The badger was an on-going carving.

Enjoy each moment best you can and sod the Neocons. Oh yes, they did 9/11 and every time someone promotes holograms, no planes and energy weapons, I suspect the Neocons welcome it; those aforementioned distractions cut vital ties to who really did do it. I leave you with Ryan Dawson, who along with the UK Column and The Duran, is among my go-to favourites, even though he’d probably deem me a no-virus kook. This is the 4th of 4 episodes he’s conducted with Fresh & Fit.

Neocons have no reverse gear and AI still does not interpret the spoken word as accurately as the human ear. Have faith. The Neocons do reflect a sense of artificial intellect and limitation, while the human mind founded upon empathy, peace and love is of endless possibility.

Ned Substack


2 Responses to “Necon Artificial Intellect”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you as always, Ned. Worried about the bees, though. Sounds as though they have lost their way back to the hive. EMF interference?

    • NPP says:

      I had not thought they should be in a hive. They just looked like they were resting. At least 20-40 as I walked. Could be more. Some coupled, which looked kind of cute. I’ve never noticed them before, but may be I haven’t been that way as often as I have this summer. Bumble bees by the way.

      It’s a pretty remote footpath. No pylons or housing.