President Pants Under Pressure

At least President Pants was able to sniff away in his designer label Steve Bell-Armani underpantsoverfacepants while finding solace in his ice-cream. He’d forgotten what he was talking about or, indeed, where he was. He was into yet another of his wandering-off routines and about to shake hands with the invisible, which was always a big hit on social media platforms. 81,000,000 votes and he was still as popular as ever in his own time-zone.
“Mr. President!” called out an aide.
“Quck! Go get him!”
President Pants had left his speaking podium and was off on walk-about again. At least he could walk, which was something.

Poor old Sleepy Joe. Perhaps AI can have him engage in a performance of Under Pressure by trio with Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. His son’s plea deal has been put on hold and now they have the audacity to release inconvenient FaceBook files. Why can’t they leave him to kiddy-sniff in private? Just because Hunter forgot his clothes, accidently fell onto a crack pipe in a room with half a dozen little girls playing ‘Mummy’ in lingerie, they were ganging up on him. It was all just innocent accidental coincidental stuff. No doubt a deal will be struck and then they can sort out nasty Jim Jordan. Fox News was reporting on yet another story which was hardly new to those who knew, but we must keep the whole clown world pantomime going and feed the populous with crumbs of hope. They’ll be accusing him of financial corruption in Ukraine next. Really, why can’t they give poor Joe a break?

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Thursday shared what he called “smoking-gun documents” proving Facebook censored Americans on behalf of the Biden administration in a lengthy social media thread.

‘Smoking-gun documents’ prove Facebook censored Americans on behalf of White House, Jim Jordan says

Breaking: Jordan Releases ‘Smoking Gun Docs’ Confirming Facebook Bowed to White House Censorship Demands

Breaking: Jordan Releases ‘Smoking Gun Docs’ Confirming Facebook Bowed to White House Censorship Demands

Biden Crime Family…:7

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