Nigel Farage exposes Coutts bank, de-banking debate hits mainstream

Alexander providing insight into where Coutts fits into the UK Banking system, and expresses his view that Farage has done the population a service by exposing how banking and government were working together.

Nigel Farage exposes Coutts bank, de-banking debate hits mainstream

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3 Responses to “Nigel Farage exposes Coutts bank, de-banking debate hits mainstream”

  1. Tapestry says:

    It’s also doing government a favour by making it appear normal that banks can cut off their clients from their bank accounts, just not for political reasons. Farage is a great show, always gets media, raises tens of millions in funding as with The Brexit Party, and leads the population nowhere. Until he points out that the UK is sold out to world government and there is little difference between EU and UK and UN or any other set of initials NATO, WEF, WHO, he isn’t going to change anything. Robin Tilbrook who gets no media (Teds) is the only politician correctly saying that England has to leave the UK to nullify all the treaties signed into by the UK destroying our freedoms. Farage is a UK therefore EU stooge of world government.

    • FritzFreud says:

      I absolutely agree.
      The big problem is the Private Central Banks and the Rothchild Family in power.
      They control the Government… any Government… every Government.
      Simply by Fractional Reserve Banking.
      FRB allows them to issue 10 times the money they have.
      So on paper the Rothchilds are 10 times richer than the rest of the world combined.
      And this is how they screw everyone over.
      Finance War Drugs Government Mass Surveliance+++
      Literally the Rothchilds make money from harming Society.
      Every $ you put into the Bank makes the Rothchilds 9$ profit.
      IMO this is slavery.

  2. Belyi says:

    One thing that Alexander didn’t mention was that Farage had received thousands of emails from people who had similarly been cut off by their banks for similarly frivolous reasons.