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Miss. Lindsey Supports Clusters From The Closet

Keep fighting to the last Ukrainian! That’s the message from the closet. They’re all Russians as far as Miss. Lindsey’s concerned.

When have you ever seen a republican declare ‘God bless America’ and leave the podium to boos? Well, Miss. Lindsey managed that in his own home county…

The anti-Trumpers accused him of being the risk to push the nuclear button. He turned out to be one of the few US Presidents not to initiate a new war. Yes, Trump ordered the murder of General Soleimani, but that could be described as a minor misdemeanour compared to other Presidents.

Miss. Lindsey Tweeted…
I will be working with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to pass a resolution urging the admission of Ukraine into NATO. The best way to prevent future wars and promote peace is to create security guarantees that make aggressor nations think twice before starting wars. Ukrainian NATO membership is vital to the future security of Europe and the world. I believe there is an overwhelming majority of Senators supporting this proposition.

I support and appreciate the Biden Administration sending cluster munitions to Ukraine. We must provide the Ukrainians the tools they need to evict the Russian invaders.

The truth is Miss. Lindsey. Putin had this from the start. But, as Alexander Mercouris says, the neocons have no reverse gear.