Bonus Hole & GOO

We must boot out the GOO and cultural Marxist nonsense that refers to ‘birthing persons’ and renames the vagina as a ‘bonus hole’. We must reclaim common decency, common sense and fundamental truths.

UK Column News have a Health Correspondent called Debi Evans from whom BBC Disinformation Correspondent Marijuanna Spring could learn much. Yesterday Debi had me in stitches as she reported on a latest alternative name for the vagina: a bonus hole.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, a United Kingdom-based non-profit, is offering alternative vocabulary for women’s genitalia to increase what the organization is saying is inclusivity in medical language.
According to the cancer trust’s official glossary of LGBT-inclusive terms, “bonus hole” is an optional term for “vagina” in the context of cancer treatment.
According to its website, the trust offers the following definition and guidelines: “An alternative word for the vagina. It is important to check which words someone would prefer to use.”

What utter tosh and nonsense is this?

It is painfully sad and demoralising that our collective West is failing to such an extent that PM Rishi the rat Sunak struggles to define what a woman is and Sir Blockhead Keir Starmer thinks women have penises. I did consider a ‘bonus hole’ illustration, but the underlying issue we have is a GOO problem; GOO : Government Of Occupation as coined by David Scott at the same UK Column News.
Note the U7 : which so few are even aware of.

This GOO  is destroying us from within from the banking system to the ill-health system to the war war war policy. They lie, they deceive, they are corrupt to the core while pretending to be the beacon of democracy. As an example, still we have Tony Bliar, who blatantly lied about WoMD leading to untold torture, death, chaos and misery, spewing his bile from legacy media platforms with little challenge: digital ID, annual mandatory injections, climate emergency, regime change where ever he sees fit.

There is hope. There is a local bottom up challenge to the GOO insanity from the likes of Sandi Adams in Glastonbury, the Thetford contingent, Andrew Bridgen in parliament with Reclaim, David Kurten and Heritage and indeed, TED.

Debi Evans mentions the bonus hole at the end of this edition of the UK Column News 07 July 2023:




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  1. Tapestry says:

    GOO – Ned at his very best. So accurate. All oppositiion is good and we need a lot more of it. Yet come election time we should stand together and not tread on each other’s toes as Tilbrook says.