Kalergi Plan; The Extinction Of The White Race

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5 Responses to “Kalergi Plan; The Extinction Of The White Race”

  1. Chris x says:

    “The European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi has awarded Chancellor Angela Merkel the European Prize 2010. The prize is awarded every two years for exceptional contributions to the European unification process.”


    The European Prize is based on the vision of the diplomat, philosopher and publisher Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. His family had its roots in several European countries. In 1922 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Paneuropean Union, the oldest European unification movement, which attracted illustrious members including Albert Einstein and Konrad Adenauer. For this, he is deemed the founder of the modern democratic vision of Europe.”

    What a surprise that Angela Merkel opened the borders to 1.5 million third world migrants.

    • John says:

      It seems that something about the white genetics frightens the rulers. Personally I think it’s something to do with white skin and radiation reflection but we’ll all have our own ideas.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Pierre Sabak’s book Murder Of Reality says the Caucasians invaded from Mars. No glasses yet to quote book! Found them! The Reptilians have bred themselves into the Caucasians and now control us from behind the scenes, invisible to us as they look as if they are us.

    The cover reads –

    Pierre Sabak reveals in documented detail the Enslavement of Humanity….The official story is a story.

    I am not sure that I follow all his ideas in the book. He is an illustrator/artist as his first career and his linguistic notions can be a stretch on occasions, although many or even most are persuasive. It does show how the real story is encoded and the total evil of the reptilians is hidden away from view to the vast majority of the people living on earth oblivious to what surrounds them. As other evdence is showing as the internet reveals more all the time, child sacrifice, torture and murder are real elements of the secret cults that rule our world from behind the scenes. Pierre merely offers context and a revision of historical context which stacks up. I haven’t reached Caucasians came to earth via Mars bit yet, but judging by the massive amount of detail Sabak works through, I am expecting this proposition to be persuasive when I get there.

    The proposition that Reptilians want the white races gone would make sense of the war in Ukraine where all combatants are the same race, and the slaughter is off the scale. Any serious attempt to win the war by the Wagners or Surovikin is soon put a stop to. The High Commands are firmly under Reptilian control just as they were in WW1 and WW2, as more and more forces are delivered to the slaughter.

    Vaccines are being used against all races, but immigration and the placing of a foreign army into hotels nationwide as is happening in white countries, is presumably preparing a slaughter of those missed by the vaccines. THe slaughterers will no doubt also be eliminated in their turn.

  3. FritzFreud says:

    I came to a different Conclusion.
    IMO we are genetically modified dinosaurs. Therapoda, because we have the natural balance.
    We lost our tail.
    So with all respect it is us who are the lizards.
    However the question remains who and why created us.
    That would be our creator race that has no physical body and created us as a Vessel / Vassals to enter this realm.
    I wrote my thoughts and reasoning about this here.