CFR Warmongers Salivate Over NATO Meeting – “To Protect Europe, Let Ukraine Join NATO—Right Now”

The Rockefeller Council On Foreign Relations send out a regular newsletter. The articles promoted in the latest issue suggest their present focus is on escalating the conflict in Ukraine and maintaining US hegemony rather than negotiating a peaceful compromise.


Looking back at David Rockefeller’s key role in building the imperial US ‘deep state’




A Stronger NATO for a More Dangerous World

What the Alliance Must Do in Vilnius—and Beyond

By Jens Stoltenberg


NATO’s Worst-of-Both-Worlds Approach to Ukraine

Why the German Model Won’t Solve a Problem of the Alliance’s Own Making

By M. E. Sarotte


Don’t Let Ukraine Join NATO

The Costs of Expanding the Alliance Outweigh the Benefits

By Justin Logan and Joshua Shifrinson



No Country Is Better at Stopping Russia

By Andriy Zagorodnyuk


Europe’s Real Test Is Yet to Come

Will the Continent Ever Get Serious About Its Own Security?

By Radek Sikorski


The Case for a Security Guarantee for Ukraine

How to Protect the Country—Without NATO Membership

By Lise Morjé Howard and Michael O’Hanlon


Why NATO Must Admit Ukraine

Kyiv Needs the Alliance and the Alliance Needs Kyiv

By Dmytro Kuleba


How the West Can Secure Ukraine’s Future

Kyiv Needs a Binding Commitment Before NATO Membership

By Eric Ciaramella


Western Europe Is Still Falling Short in NATO’s East

Deterring Russia Requires More Than Just Promises

By A. Wess Mitchell

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