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Biden Achievements: Gold Backed BRICS & Cluster Bombs

There he is, sniffing his own face nappy, a pair of designer Steve Bell-Armani underpants over his pants, embracing gender fluidity and just the good old Ukraine First President Pants all rounder. The legacy media give him a free ride and he takes it all the way to the bank. He probably has multiple BRICS accounts already. Go carbon zero and save the planet with Sleepy Joe!

The achievements of Joe Biden are extraordinary. He’s funded Nazis, helped destroy Ukraine, strengthen the establishment of BRICS to the point of a pending gold backed currency for commodity trading, announced the supply of cluster bombs for his proxy war and all the while his son has produced home videos of himself naked with a crack-pipe and young girls in lingerie. It’s all so wholesome and family friendly. He’s also promoted ice-cream whenever he can. What a President. Well, he did secure a record election count of about 81,000,000, so he’s also extraordinarily popular.

BRICS 2023 Summit

Biden Crime Family
Cornpop’s Revenge


Added extra brought to you by President Pants. It’s a ‘pirate’ copy called Sound Of Freedom
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