The Wannabe Pantomime Chyron

This was the ‘chyron’ banner text shown momentarily across a Fox TV screen:
Wannabe Dictator Speaks At The White House After Having His Political Rival Arrested

Imagine if Trump had arrested his main rival or one of Trump’s sons was featured naked in video footage with very young looking girls in lingerie and a crack pipe. Meanwhile, the BBC’s Lucy Williamson is camped out in Romania yearning to see the Tate brothers incarcerated. These are upside-down interesting times, when BBC Pravda employs Marijuanna Spring, the niece of Zebedee, as a disinformation correspondent and perpetrators of wrong-doing project their own misdemeanours upon others. I give you President Pants as the pantomime chyron in his Steve Bell-Armani under-over-pants, plus a pair so he can sniff his own all day long.

Had you heard of chyron? I hadn’t until Tucker Carlson mentioned it:

President Biden is certainly concerned about Trump, assuming Sleepy Joe is conscious of being concerned about anything.

So, chyron it’s a TV screen term:

chy· ron ˈkī-ˌrän : a caption superimposed over usually the lower part of a video image (as during a news broadcast)

It’s also a Greek mythological creature.
… as held to be the superlative centaur amongst his brethren since he was called the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”

Not only that, but it’s a car. The Tate brothers own Bugatti’s and low and beyond there’s a Bugatti Chiron. Oh, these interesting times.

It’s funny how words and phrases suddenly become common vernacular. I remember it was only a few years ago, before covid1984, when I was explaining to my father what the ‘new’ term ‘woke’ meant. I notice the frequent use of words, phrases and terms such as ‘loved ones’. ‘Climate change’ is a regular now a days and ‘climate change denier’ is the go-to slur for anyone questioning the insane carbon zero policy. Few, if anyone, denies the climate changes; the question is what causes the change. Then there are words and phrases that irritate such as ‘honestly speaking’ or ‘to be honest’. Does this imply the person is normally dishonest?

The message seen across the Fox TV screen made an impact. It indicates there are those working at legacy media platforms who do not tow the uniparty line. The house of cards can so easily crumble so quickly.

Alex Christoforou Wannabe Dictator…




5 Responses to “The Wannabe Pantomime Chyron”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Great post Ned!

    What a crazy upside down MSM world it is. “Marijuanna Spring, the niece of Zebedee, as a disinformation correspondent” ;-))

    Plenty more where she springs from too!

    Tucker keeps getting better and better doesn’t he. He’s had over 100 million views on some of his episodes. Compared with his average Fox News audience of about 3 million

  2. danceaway says:

    Love your posts, Ned…..

  3. ian says:

    Ditto. Tucker Carlson is excellent just now.

  4. NPP says:

    I wish I had a Bugatti!

    I always fancied a ‘Rolls Royce cos it’s good for my voice!’
    T Rex.

    • ian says:

      I remember standing with a pint, in the Buck Inn, in Dumfries, possibly underage, where my weekly Tech college day course was, and hearing Ride a white swan on the juke box, I was hooked. Loved them.