Emma’s Scared Of The Climate Crisis

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Emma believes fossil fuels are creating climate change and killing us.
‘New oil and gas licences are a death sentence.’

Emma’s as daft as a brush. What are they teaching students in schools? The same nonsense being broadcast by the BBC and pushed by the likes of Boris Johnson, Sunak, Starmer, Ed Davey, the Greens et al: lies and fear based upon falsehoods. Is Bill Gates really trying to blot-out the sun? Perhaps it’s all a dastardly plan by Putin.

This is an old clip and still amusing… was the term ‘fossil fuel’ really coined at a conference in 1892?

From the video notes…

The term “Fossil Fuel,” in the context of referring to a fuel that powers a mechanical engine, was not coined by Caspar Neumann in the mid-18th century, it was coined sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century. It may not have been specifically uttered by John Rockefeller in a “Citizen Kane ROSE BUD” style incident, it may have been first used by one of his associates or just some unidentified chronicler at the time.

In the instance of this video, and in all discussions of the use of the term “fossil fuels” referring to petroleum oil, it is incorrect to call petroleum oil a “fossil fuel” for the reasons stated in the Prouty video and the other materials that I reference above. Prouty’s explanation, for example, refers to the hyperbolic use of the term fossil fuel to exaggerate petroleum oil’s limited availability. The oil industry was always the originator of the rumors that the world is running out of oil, and they did so in order to manipulate supply and demand, and oil prices.

In any event, petroleum oil fuels are not naturally created, they are refined from crude oil and contain many different chemicals. To my knowledge, none of these chemicals exist because of the demise of dinosaurs. Petroleum oil (crude oil) in its raw state is of “abiotic” origin.

Marc J. Rauch
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7 Responses to “Emma’s Scared Of The Climate Crisis”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Emma is a child, rather like the poster girl for climate change, Greta Thunderpants. Both clearly have a limited “science” education, and both appear somewhat hysterical. So why would anyone take any lessons from these children? Particularly lessons of such importance to our ongoing civilisation. No oil/gas means no industrial capacity. That may change in the future but, at this point, it’s a FACT

    Fletcher Prouty, on the other hand, is clearly an educated, and very experienced, adult. He’s ex CIA I think; are they ever really ex, probably a lifetime commitment on his part

    Nevertheless, Fletcher was a very interesting guy. Watch some of his old vids and you will usually learn something interesting. He lays out the fossil fuel backstory for us very clearly in this short video. Thanks NPP

    His killer facts:
    1 The lowest fossils that have EVER been found are at 16,000 feet below the surface of the ground
    2 Oil is regularly drilled at lower than 30,000 feet below, probably lower now

    What more does anyone need to know? It’s the usual, same old, same old. Lies, lies and more lies, lies all the way from top to bottom

    • NPP says:

      A painting I produced as part of my 2017 Gobeklitepe exhibition Istanbul 2017
      Which Came First, The Oil Or The Egg?

    • ian says:

      An excellent summing up Pete. Great post and pictures Ned.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Thanks Ian, yes a great post and pictures Ned

        Gobekli Tepe is the canary in the coal mine on mainstream human history. It gives the lie to the official story “they were all grunting, cave men savages 10k years ago”.

        The amazing Neolithic structures of the British Isles tell the same story. Cavemen savages? No chance, that is simply ridiculous. These people were far, far more tuned into nature and natural law than we will ever be

        Our “elite” owners have seen to that. And it’s only getting worse too, and quickly. Next generations are on a very slippery transhumaist slope

  2. Belyi says:

    When you consider that the climate has been constantly changing over billions of years, isn’t it rather arrogant to pretend that it is we humans who are causing the change?

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes it it is utterly ridiculous Belyi

      Modern climate science is political science not empirical science. The presuppositions of their modern climate claims give the game away totally

      They fail to take into account any of the following:
      Water vapour on Earth
      Solar system impact
      Galactic impact
      Universe impact

      Just a tad missing from their claims then ;-))

      Humans are a drop in that ocean. But hey, lets just forget about the ocean, and focus on that drop